Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Mechanism of the Heart that is overlooked

As we have all our needs fulfilled by industrialization, all have become as the rich man, unable to enter the kingdom of SPIRIT for there requires an exercise of need that reaches to the heart and there is no experience likened to birth that is all encompassing and life changing except perhaps the near death experience.

Today I was thinking about a graph that illustrates this mechanism of the heart and how this LAST generation is SO different from others. All previous generations provided the stimulus that would look like a fluctuation of the heart but in this last generation compared to all others this line should it be drawn would be all but flat lined. This is because SPIRIT is put last and INTERPRETATION has been put first. Such a jolt is necessary as to turn this all upside down.

We believe we are living to have our every need fulfilled and perhaps through the mechanism and exercise of the SPIRIT this is true but to do such and especially after seeing what we have overlooked as humans is SEPARATION. Within my own experience I have found that I am very happy letting others scramble for things while my life is very full with SPIRITUAL things and getting the things when needed but not necessarily having to OWN a lot of things.

I wrote this describing Pam and My experiences with the synchs a long time ago and it went with that train, tree, tunnel thing on my table. It reminds me of what I love to share relative to SPIRIT.


Of trains, trees, tunnels and candles
Yesterday we lost ourselves on a train bound for experience. We dream them up you and I, those long trains of adventure. Where the synchronicities flow one after another like a caravan from another world. A world you and I created before we dreamed up time. Time makes more elusive this moonlight fantasy journey. Things, when what we really want is this moment. The best things, in the best moments.


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