Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Acorn hit them on the head

An Acorn hits his head 

I decided to do a video just after this happened but I was walking by smart foods had just passed the back of the building connecting with the park and this black guy dressed all in red walked by me and I could tell I should not say "hi" to him because he was not in a good mood. He walked past me and continued on for about 100 ft before I heard "ugh!!!!!". 

I turned to see him turn and look at me and he began to yell at me. Hey, You threw that at me, I am going to kill you man." as he waved his hands in the air. 

Of course it wasn't me, it was his own self that drew the acorn to hit his head as he was just looking for a white guy to take his anger out on and because I also needed to tell some folks that it is not me related to the acorn, but rather "each person draws to themselves according to the true intention of the heart". I am the medium that the SPIRIT is using to show You that You are not a victim and that it is the HIDDEN THOUGHTS in the heart that create. 

Anyway I was not upset at all and about 15 minutes later I met Andy walking with beer cans in a grocery cart from the same Smart Foods place and I gave him a dollar and he remembered me from another time we had met and wanted to shake my hand etc. I told him about the guy being angry and the acorn and he told me, "Yes, I know that guy and I will straighten him out about the acorn". Just then Pam pulled up on Vine St. and picked me up. I told her the story and the energy of that story followed us into Siamese St where we at dinner and Big Bang theory was on the screen and everyone was watching it. It also was about such a misunderstanding where everything the fellow said was misunderstood because of anger. Anyway I realized a lot of energy had been sent out lately by some and what happens to them they may want to blame on me but it is really each of us that draw to us exactly as we need. My intent was to reach you before what we as humans begins to happen that humans have drawn to themselves. As with the presumption before hurricane Irene (google, you and I collide, dnatree) so the power is really each human drawing according to their beliefs but they are not wanting to admit their own thoughts/beliefs SO.................................. 

When they say, You have done this to me, remember, No, I have spent many many many years with one intent and that was to reach You about what You draw to Yourselves, but all those that hate and blame want to do is find fault when it is themselves. Not much more to say except. 

Get ready for the wild ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Could an acorn hitting a leader's head really start a misunderstanding that starts WWIII? Very Happy 


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