Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Everything is exactly on schedule for desolation (Americans Rejected SPIRIT)


Just take note as the storm is coming as in Syria, it will spread to all who love their interpretation.
A long time ago I wrote that when the "right people" on the right and the "right people" on the left begin to fight over who is right that it would "melt the veil" separating the two and leave those just hiding behind an interpretation with nowhere left to hide.

The storm that is coming will speak what words cannot say. Now there is a prediction for You. As in the last post see what it feels like when there is nowhere to hide from the heat of the sun. (syrian war refugees pbs) As I showed Pam the children waiting for bread in this film the toaster blew out the toast and it went flying. The storm is coming of shame and blame between YOU and I, us and them, east and west, islam and christian, husband and wife. Without the SPIRIT all will be torn and reached to the heart as in this film. The SPIRIT will reach those that remain to the heart and leaders will be hated because they speak without the SPIRIT.

Everything is exactly on schedule with the humiliation on the board as in 2011

Here is April 07 2011

All that try to humiliate will be humiliated just like in 2011. Certain folks are working hard to cover up what they don't want you to see. While trying to voice their self rightness they got caught and are intent on covering it up.

Like those crying "God is Great" yet never knew the SPIRIT, they will kill each other all those that believe they are right in their own estimation will choose sides (even the cops and robbers, both are equally to blame) and kill each other so much so that they both leave this planet.

Those that leave the fray to follow SPIRIT and experience the joy of YOU in this moment are led by the SPIRIT and their is no condemnation for those.


Notice: the same energy as North Korea in the experience of YOU and I. (A crime was committed on another forum, that is all I will say) Huge energy is being expelled to get rid of me because they think the coincidences will reveal what is hidden.The experience played out exactly the way the right tries to place blame on those they hate. The law is very much a tool to manipulate those they hate. But they themselves are lawless as they overlook their greater sin. It is Your belief/law You break when they believe in shame and use it against them. You are caught in a net. :shock:


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