Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bear Attacks in News and possible Russian attack

Many Bear Attacks in the news and because of the bears synchs

Seven Bear Attacks in Seven days


Bear/Russian synchs AUG 30th

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:07 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Dreamed that America was invaded by Russians coming in from the West. It seemed like movement halted and there was a lot of folks hiding.

Because so many synchs are lining up I would like someone to watch the west coast of America (Please!!!!) I know though so many synchs have come true this also will fall on deaf ears. (Oh well!)

Prediction coming true from Aug 27th 2005 

Prediction: YOU and I collide


So many attacks came to me after Aug 2005 (Katrina) Pack of Eight attacked me which blew up the forum and Oroborus was formed. 
And about every two years after that. Also many came in to start a fight in order to get me banned as to why I was banned because of that and had to become scarletandtom. But now I want yall to know that I AM AMERICA and now what that was predicting is to be played out. I endured hundreds of attacks while trying to reach Americans, but now we will see that what I experienced so many times on the forums is a prelude to what America will endure. Get Ready For the Wild Ride!!!!! And for Goodness sake Keep a vigilant eye on the west coast and Maine.


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