Saturday, August 24, 2013

If the SPIRIT does not build the fire, then it will be kindled from Hell

The message of the SPIRIT is that it does not matter what one believes or what the interpretation is except that they first learn it from SPIRIT. (The source of TRUTH) And that human learning is temporal and powerless and leads to overlooking the smallest of points without SPIRIT being the source of that learning. Yes, it helps to know how to start a fire, but if the fire we want to start is kindled from hell it will grow to be a bad thing. Ey? (The coming fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind some veil of interpretation with nowhere left to hide.) But if the prairie fire is started by SPIRIT after all have failed in their own power to build a fire then this fire will it not clear the land of untruth. If I could have reached just yall that would have been kindling enough to reach the world with this message, but if it only descends into competition and there is no single message of the SPIRIT we should all just fall silent. The message is NOT that this and this is truth, the message is SPIRIT alone is TRUTH but the world wants a law and a king to follow (just write it down and we will keep it, but they can't, religion failed terribly) and will not accept that the KING is the SPIRIT as the SPIRIT SPOKE THROUGH JESUS. (Jesus did not speak, but spoke only what SPIRIT spoke, therefore it is the SPIRIT that is the way/truth/life) I am here to attest that the man knew not what the SPIRIT would say, only that he would reach the world by what was said. But no one will join with me in telling those murderers following the words of a book without SPIRIT what they have overlooked. There is only death in the letter of the book we must believe the SPIRIT is the answer past the book. So today I am dreaming of this, not that we will DO this, but that SPIRIT will do this through us and that the whole world will then see that it was SPIRIT and not us. So this is what today is about for me.

If they had gotten their truth from SPIRIT instead of PRESUMPTION OF THE LETTER then they would not be like the snake that sheds it's skin and the SPIRIT would have been the cornerstone of LOVE through them. Rather see this snake that is lifting up it's own truth that all might know to seek the SPIRIT over presumption. Do You know that the SPIRIT revealed the presumption of every human through the prediction of hurricane Irene at death valley may 21st 2011? The end of the PRESUMPTUOUS WOMAN is the end of the presumption of the letter without SPIRIT.


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