Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spiritual Hunger

I guess I want to post this first as I really loved it . 96-year-old's love song to late wife

Love and life is like sheep to the slaughter until You find what SPIRIT has for You. I know I went through a lot of humiliation before Pam. The original intent of life was that it was dreamed, not that we stumble out and believe someone else's dream but that we believe even until YOU/MY LIFE come like the dream of Jerusalem coming down prepared like a bride.

Pam and I had a good trip to Watsonville and Salinas then Coalinga Los Banos for French Basque food and then home. We were totally blown away with the food at the French Basque restaurant in Los Banos. And the people were great. They were talking about the new car that parked itself, silly as I am I of course said I was waiting on the one that would pay for itself. LOL Here is a video

I found this PHD Author that seems to have experienced what I had in the way of authentic spiritual experience. Allan G. Hunter with books like SPIRITUAL HUNGER about ritual/systems and myth in our lives. And of course the book "The Path of Synchronicity". http://www.amazon.com/Allan-G.-Hunter/e/B001HPA7NM

Here was a very fun interview that hit upon so many synchs with writing MY STORY. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/susan-larison-danz/2013/07/11/allan-g-hunter

Lastly we were listening to the fire stories on the way back from Los Banos and the many other things that have happened lately when another new reporter from Reno came on and said yes and we even reported the earthquake the other day.... at least we don't have Locusts yet. :shock:

Now if You put two and two together in this video on netflix and the fires that are spreading so rapidly then we can see how the time for the SPIRITUAL PRAIRIE FIRE is at hand. What with the fiftyone percent vote thing and the synchs with stoves catching on fire in our forums and all You might come to see where all this is headed but by looking at appearances You may not see how the SPIRIT would accomplish it.


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