Sunday, August 25, 2013

The energy of what was started on the forums long ago

So it is that it seems as though they had won until the storm came and washed it all away. Tomorrow is the anniversary of something that was started on the forums long ago,a great collision between appearances and truth. It seemed then as though appearances had won. The flesh is tired and easily manipulated but none see what is coming around the bend. Thanks to You Eagle and to those that have struggled to know SPIRIT and not to be caught up in the manipulation of appearances.

A storm is a gift, an opportunity to align with SPIRIT and reap benefit while those that have worked for appearances are swept away in an instant. (Yes, Get Ready for the Wild Ride!)

I am so physically tired but I know that tomorrow morning I will find freshness in YOU once again. I will be able to go on by not looking at those that manipulate appearances behind the scenes but by seeing only YOU/SPIRIT.

Hearts are breaking and an unseen fire is raging deep in the recesses that matter the most.

Geological Upheaval is the precursor to social upheaval as the things of the heart are manifested like the growing heat of summer.


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