Thursday, September 05, 2013

Facts are not Truth, because they overlook the smallest of points

I lived alone many years because my family was lost behind a veil of interpretation called religion that they did not get from SPIRIT. My whole life was wanting to find that rock/true source in which I could rely. I found that it was related to SPIRIT and SYNCHRONICITY and that truth grew out of my intentions like a tree of experience with SPIRIT. I found that if it was interpretations that did not come from EXPERIENCE WITH SPIRIT that it often just led to arguments and was just a veil over the eyes separating YOU and I. I found that with facts and knowledge that there was always the smallest of points overlooked that came and made the INTELLIGENCE imperfect. Therefore, I quit looking for the right knowledge or ideas and came to know YOU/MY LIFE and the poetry of a life of wonder that took me away from the problems to great wonder and joy. Up in this place/sanctuary I found YOU, and I found the answer to whatever problem was in JOY and not down in the problem. The right people are able to appear to have truth by facts, but the only those with experience with SPIRIT have a story that is real.


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