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Lightning and thunder synchs

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Looks like Three Mushroom Clouds
Yesterday while walking near the point the above picture was taken I passed by two tanks that said lightning on one, and thunder on the other. Strange, storm clouds were forming and soon it began to sprinkle. The clouds were so different and beautiful and soon Pam showed up in the car and we decided to walk the trail I had found by some delta islands and the new community. As I prepared to post about the lightning and thunder synchs we were watching an old movie and the lightning and thunder occurred and the lights went out. The girl in the movie said she was afraid of lightning and thunder and after lighting a candle. Her mean mother was beating her cat in the dark and the girl accidentally killed her mother in rage but covered it up. http://www.noiroftheweek.com/2005/12/strange-love-of-martha-ivers-1946.html

Later that night, with a thunderstorm raging outside, Sam Masterson returns to Martha's bedroom, entering the house by climbing through an upstairs window. There is still time for the teenagers to make the circus train if they hurry. Walter O'Neil, the son of Martha's tutor is present when the two begin to plan their getaway. A lightening strike knocks out the electricity in the house and when the aunt climbs the grand staircase to investigate a ruckus upstairs, something happens to change the lives of all three of the adolescents.

So the movie is continuing and the district attorney is helping hide sins of the past of the woman and so they begin using the law in a manner it should not be used to setup others.

I don't like to be pushed around, I don't like people I like to be pushed around
Or to be lied about when they were the ones being treated badly (when it is the other way around and the liar knows how deep she is in) and all the posts are saved. Boy, are the lies getting deep now for those that have been manipulating for years.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUMe-wVi ... re=youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqOf82fy ... re=youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBd-x29M ... re=youtube
__So many believe if the law or a woman says it, they just take it for granted that the guy is to blame...(like the bloke that was convicted in this movie) often this is used to those criminals using the law to their advantage. This is the point of the problem with the law that real criminals often hide and use it. This is also related to the shame of those hiding behind such a veil of interpretation such as the law and religion. (They are the shameful hiding)
I felt very vindicated in what occurred on another site yesterday that is all I will say.......


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