Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Religion has all become lies without the SPIRIT

This is what I have learned from the Experiences of SPIRIT that predicted the hurricanes and the presumption of humans. www.stephentree.com/melt1    www.stephentree.com/new.htm

There are millions of people walking around lying to themselves.

That having a belief derived from an interpretation with save them.

When really they are just hiding behind a veil and using the interpretation to kill and arrest those they hate.

As in Christianity, all along it was to believe the words of Jesus, so passionately that your passion reaches to the SPIRIT. And it is HEARING and DOING what is from SPIRIT that would save from any circumstance in any moment. All are hiding, all are liers, all are using the law against each other without true intention of heart. All are guilty especially those playing Christian, or Muslim and hating each other.

Those that are hiding the shame of using shame and blame against men have the most to lose when those they have blamed and persecuted call them to record. These are those that take the message of truth from SPIRIT and move the messenger to the hitting box of relationship where they hold power through the beliefs of others over them and try to humiliate and change appearances so that it looks like they win so they don't feel the humiliation of what they are hiding. Really, if they just turned to SPIRIT all they feel they need to hide is let go of, because it is their belief in shame and blame that makes their mistakes hold power against them. First they must let go of the blame of others that they might be forgiven themselves.

We watched "Bless Me Ultima about the power of SPIRIT over Religion and the book that was banned and burned about truth from SPIRIT. And the three women that plotted and their curse turned on them.



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