Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Seasons of different Roses Blooming

Last night Pam and I  were in the hot tub and noticed that different roses were blooming now and we thought about how so many of the roses bloom at different seasons and what was it that caused these gestation. Then we thought about my friend Adam that suddenly got sick and died due to his liver and now our friend Doral had just experienced the pain of loosing his friend and teacher and after the "hit to the heart" he drew to himself certain experiences such as almost being hit from behind in a car accident. I realized that the synch of events of a hit to the heart starts the heart to grow toward blooming if we believe and hear from the SPIRIT. The synch of events is saying that humility and openness to the SPIRIT is needed to keep the heart from drawing fearful events. Another person related to the Aug 26th "storm" event and YOU and I collide had lost her mother and was surely reached to the heart. Though this person was very much against me the humility of such a shared experience at this moment is speaking of humility for all involved including myself. The years of speaking the synchs have led me away from the humility of the SPIRIT due to the struggle with those that seek to manipulate appearances and I too need to return to the humility such as the dove crying on the branch to reach You. The fact that the roses bloom at different times suggests that the pains and troubles that are common to life experience are the power to reach the heart and the synchs about how I would reach You are not about one experience but the common experience of humans. The timing of my common experience speaks  that I might know You that I might work in intercession with the SPIRIT.


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