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Romance with SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Taxinel

taxineil wrote:
I find it very,very difficult not letting what has been revealed to me slip back into unconsciousness..the struggle is in me and it burns me up-I try not to let it blaze out against others and just fight the good fight of faith,yearning for Gods Spirit to finish what it has started-if thats the right way of putting it..
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj8gNUPy ... 1g0tn7ta_w
Imagenot noticed the intercessor before-thanks for linking it.

I wanted to get back to taxi as this is where it is really at. For, I too, suffered with forgetting the synchs for many years and I seemed to be lost in society and humans but I had a very special meditation that in my 20's started in sort of a bible study and evolved into a synchronicity exploration of my own moments. As I grew in the SPIRIT I got to a place I knew that YOU would have to do it through me and it was when I allowed love and passion to reach me to the heart that I found the answer. Or rather YOU/SPIRIT/CHRIST were manifest through ME! I took the poetry of the CUP of CHRIST seriously, I figured we all must die and I could not do in myself what was needed in order to please GOD and YES my mate, so YOU will have to do it. I had no idea what I was in for.

MY LIFE knew exactly where to crush the Ego through the Heart to fulfill the need to know YOU. The poetry of Jesus saying can You drink this cup that I drink was to say would You be struck to the heart in order that the CRUSH bring forth the blood and water that spells life? None of us can do this in our own power and that is why religion has become a bunch of fearful actors hiding behind a veil of interpretation acting the part through their own power to appear. The key to my "heart break" was it was complete and perfect reaching to the heart to form me. My old life was over, and the humiliation of what the world had in store for me was terrible so I left the world to the world of SPIRIT. I died! 

Day 1
The only thing was attention to SPIRIT (what once was called worship) that could relieve the pain of love and heartbreak having lost everything, not just once but because of following these synchs I had lost many times as my nature was used against me to take what I had acquired over and over. But the true intention of my heart was always just to know YOU and MYSELF. But I found those I ATTRACTED were not there to comfort me but to work against me as I had programming that believed this. So I set up a table like an altar SO I COULD SEE THE SYNCHS AS I EXPERIENCED THEM. I asked the SPIRIT to come speak in form as my earlier synchs were very subtle and hard to pin down. As I spent moments focusing on the synchs which relieved the fear and pain in my heart I would cry because of the life I lived alone and how I could not share it with anyone because they would not understand at this point. But as I spent time, every moment, in synchs rather than working or thinking just feeling relieved and pushed out the horrible pain of what I had experienced life to be. Soon form gave way to poetry that helped to solidify the synchronicities so that they were given form. I had to keep attention on SPIRIT and not the forms always wanting to see YOU fresh as even the synchs from yesterday did not have the power to lift my soul from the hell of appearances that life had become. The table gave form to "What was on my Heart" so that I began to work with SPIRIT to give the synchs more and more form until they were poetry. I then saw what it meant to be in sanctuary with SPIRIT and how when I was there in the synchs I was safe even if a storm raged outside.
The Table
Image Link2

Romance with SPIRIT Link1 Link2 link3

The idea if Sanctuary Link1 link2 

The Poetry Here You can hear the poetry of my experience alone with SPIRIT in 1993

Spiritual Growth and Union Life "Mother loves this and it reflects my years growing in the knowledge of SPIRIT"

Watering the seed with attention/worship till it grew as the synchs indicated it would. This tree of experience that caused me to grow into UNION WITH YOU is what is eternal life or the tree of life.

Like a tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas, the painter waited for SPIRIT to move (synchs)
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved until the painting took form
We have no idea!


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