Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The hacking of all prophecies sites was an inside job

Actually I relentlessly requested over and over to take over the board as all the major predictions were there but those that were there to see that it died had other ideas. Come to find out they were also involved in getting rid of the original prophecies. Seems that some made it their life's work to see that posts don't survive. I have been trying to figure out why the intention was so and who they were doing it for. A lot of people will want to know why due to future events. I could never understand the mind that smiles to your face but their true intent all along is to bide their time until they can destroy you by leading you on. I have recorded all the posts between them and others that revealed it on glp and others before they were destroyed but the time is not ripe yet to reveal who they were that have been doing these things. But they are crafty and have many avatar names. Some that act as though they are a good moderator and some that do the dirty work. (everything has been recorded)

It is exactly the same in that though we seemed to share so much one (or more) of them was a devil.


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