Monday, October 07, 2013

The ongoing synch with Our Keenest Opponents are our fellow Sojourners

The ongoing synch with
Our Keenest Opponents are our fellow Sojourners
continued on Prairie Home Companion with some great funny skits

Like Rhoule's Cool Car Service

Link The song starts at 111:00
Really funny (and healing :lol: Nothing really matters except You are happy in the SPIRIT)
The Joy of the SPIRIT is my strength.

Only You, Can drive me up the wall
Only You, Drive me to Alchohol
You my darlings are a sharp stone in my shoe
I have to get away from only You.

Yes, it is a fact that people that drive us to despair are a nearest and dearest, when you see a family smiling as they pose for a group picture. You are looking at people that have yelled at each other and hissed and slammed doors and broken glass wear and china.

Only You, can make this change in me
My IQ goes down to 33

Yes, when You can't take it anymore and you need to get away call Rhoule and his Cool Car Service......

Hi Rhoule here
Need a lift, be right there Sweetheart

Rhoule pics you up in his very cool car and driver you around and he plays very cool music
and he makes you a cool drink
Ah, Here You are Sweetheart

And that's all You need,, A BREAK!

I don't want to badmouth your family but I'm surprised You stuck with those losers SO LONG!!! 

I am amazed You stuck with that bunch for so long
Your the quality in that bunch no doubt about it

There lucky to have YOU

With Rhoule, You feel so loose and free
You are Cool, as cool as You can be
You ride around in Rhoule's car
And Your nobody's fool

Give me a call Sweetheart

In in the cool car riding with Rhoule


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