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The predition of humiliation to those who worship a book and never knew SPIRIT


I saw the post about the stenographer and have an update on it as I can't post over there. I thank You for picking up on the synch. Here posted by ONE on Clubhouse.

If I may quote the whole post here LINK



Then the synchroncity who it really is being mocked as this woman has mistaken her caucus and her beliefs with GOD but the synch indicates it is not GOD mocked but the republicans here in this post on propheciesonline 

Isaac - Laughing - Mockery 

The Coming Humiliation of those that are right by INTERPRETATION Predicted Aug 29th 2007

I remember when I was rejected by everyone and the SPIRIT told me to laugh while I was in Death Valley at the lowest point.


I understood the laughing

The name Isaac comes from the word "Yitzhak" (also Yitzchaq) in Hebrew, which means "Laughing One", "laughter" or "to laugh". Isaac has one meaning as given by God to Abraham in Genesis, chapter 17 verse 19. It means ''child of the covenant'' or ''child of the promise''. God cannot give the name of His promised child ''laughter'' because this has spiritual significance. In Hebrew there is to ''laugh with joy'' and also ''laughter which is for mockery''. So to say ''laughter'' alone would be incomplete.


Psalm 2:4 "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision."

Contemptuous ridicule or mockery.
mockery - ridicule - scoff - taunt - gibe - jeer - mock

This is the SPIRIT I felt before the storm predicted because of the presumption on may 21st

synch with Aug 29th 2007 Check the date on the link javascript:alert(document.lastModified)
The Coming Humiliation of Religion and Leaders who reject SPIRIT

Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!!
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If they knew the sign of the storm Isaac that passed by during their convention it foretold their humiliation one year later. But the synch also includes all men....and women.
My posts from synchs with SPIRIT began as early as 2002 warning of the hurricanes and fires and religion believing their GOD was a book as to why they are mocked. Let their interpretation be mocked even greater. Here is a post from 2003 that points to the storms and fires before anyone knew they were going to be so prevalent.



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