Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am SPIRIT, I am the Blood

So last night I was using the altar and loosing myself to find freshness and it began with

I am the blood (poetry of the flowing blood of Jesus)
There is no healing/remission without the shedding of blood

at the same time a parallel group of thoughts related to the congestion caused by blocked understanding due to words and misunderstanding.

He said, She said
Fires of Hell
The tongue is ignited by hell

Flow of blood in the body and how the priest washed the implements in the temple with blood

The Priest that washes the implements in the body temple
is like the  CHI that makes the body/Spirit work

Then came heart communication/intention through humility and true intent toward SPIRIT, You cannot enter in with shame or blame in Your heart which is the product of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong. But we must reach SPIRIT in order to activate Chi.

The heart works in feeling and directing feeling
Words however are a manipulation of thought that is separate
and characteristic of the mind and the squirrel cage that always overlooks 
the smallest of points
Don't think girl, feel, that is where the power is
Words are like points in the equation
While feeling the layers of heart in sanctuary
is reaching to the height and depth and width
an argument is evidence that the perpetrator has little faith in SPIRIT

So then came the synch this morning in Tai Chi class as to why I added the word Chi to the above

Doral was instructing the Tai Chi class
He said that blocks in the chi leads to block in blood flow
So I wrote on my pad "blood follows the dream or Chi intent
Chronic Chi block leads to blood block

Getting the synch with energy flow leads to directing Chi, which leads to body freshness/healing

Also written last night was
Better understanding through Silence

The candle made an arc on the wall which led my heart to wonder
I was in sanctuary with YOU/SPIRIT, but those that reject and hate SPIRIT would think nothing of interrupting such love making with SPIRIT. Believing their dribble more important. This is the true intent of Delilah, who was Jealous of his (Samson) connection with SPIRIT.
The message of Jesus was that unless She is willing to lay down her life for SPIRIT through Him then there is no marriage.
Attention to SPIRIT is worship, but the world demands You worship their interpretation.  They are to be washed away in Your life and only those brought "in the moment" through SPIRIT are synchronous with the moment. Those that hate SPIRIT want to separate You also from Your life to devour You. These are those that believe that some men are trash, revealing their own self as nothing without LOVE/SPIRIT.

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The collision of YOU and I on the forums led to many that are really clogged in SPIRIT yet loud in voice to be traumatized, but SPIRIT willing those with true intent will learn from what happens to those hiding without true intent.
It was time to leave the forums though they had wanted me banned for years and tried over and over. Being hated above all men is needed to reach them to the heart, but now for those that are to go on with SPIRIT, "the comforter" would not come except I leave them. They  don't know what the trauma written of in the book really was like as even those that really were close to him also would deny him. Understand what the interpretation could never communicate without SPIRIT.
Pam and I noticed for the first time one of these alarm things sunday and then I ran into this one Tuesday as the rain began. This morning I went out to the creek to see how high it had gotten and it is getting there already. I told Teresa at PCMS about this synch and she said, "I hope it does go off cause we need the rain."


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