Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When a woman or man is really "humiliating themselves".

The Passion that will reach You. Perhaps she was baiting both sides both trying to protect herself at the same time wanting to believe in the dream.

The thing about men is they are taught to be vulnerable and to allow her to take advantage a little bit. She wants him to show that purposeful weakness which is a momento of his true intent toward her.

Women also do this in their own way related to their strengths. But someone that intentionally uses him humbling himself to reach her and uses it to take an opportunity to humiliate and impress her girlfriends is fooling themselves. When she intentionally uses it to her advantage through manipulation, it is not winning or the power of a woman but "humiliating herself".

If she could ever show true intent he would again become vulnerable to meet her in SPIRIT.

Everybody plays the fool sometimes
There's no exception to the rule

The SPIRITUAL Man knows he is nothing except SPIRIT speaks
Yes, he can be tricked but three days later it is Your humiliation.

People that sow in their mind anger may not know that it grows like a tree and in that day it bursts out and they blame everyone but themselves they are lying to themselves.

In any argument, both are wrong
There are none right or good but GOD
Best to leave shame and blame and JOLT to JOY in the SPIRIT

In this house YOU and I dream together and SPIRIT brings us together in the moment to fulfill the intent

Everyone that interprets or judges without the SPIRIT sows their own humiliation
Humiliation is Coming

In the world of love and SPIRIT there is no good person or bad person as taught by the snake to the woman that starts the end of relationship. There is no free man or slave. There is only YOU and I and we really are one. We only WANT to start new like the morning.

Therefore he humbled himself......


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