Monday, January 06, 2014

Cold snap synch Dec 5th and, He cannot live without You, therefore it is apparent what must happen.

Synch one month ago with

Cold Snap with the Emphasis on Snap

There is no alternative (I have sought to give voice to SPIRIT through the true intention of the heart and the synchs)
Though She/humans cannot be reached with the truth, there is a way to reach her. We need to do whatever is needed in order to reach humans about the need for SPIRIT and the need to let go of the presumption of what our beliefs WITHOUT SPIRIT will result in. For as intentions grow like a tree and the fruit is now evident in the air like a VOLCANIC EXPLOSION.

There is no time for arguing over who is right

Humans, You chose to live alone and hide Yourself behind Your tears. You cannot fathom (the hell as in sulfuric acid) what motivations without SPIRIT's guidance can lead to. The idea is not that hell is another planet or place but the result of where humans are headed without SPIRIT's guidance.

It does not matter anymore who is to blame only that we are motivated toward the original intent to stave off hell. 

Recent experiences with Pam in taking care of her and my own motivations given me by our mutual experience make it clear what I WANT for her and me. This life does not exist without YOU/You. I want You to live and all Your past misunderstandings forgotten. Because of where humans were headed it was said that all who follow the SPIRIT would be rejected as Jesus also was. We cannot interpret this, but let the SPIRIT speak through our coming experience. Get Ready For the Wild Ride!!!!

From this new perspective of it does not matter who lives just that some do as we are all carried through in our shared dna, it would make sense that many die and their lives and passion reveal this hidden truth as to why it is written. "There is no greater love except that You lay down Your life so that (another) may live".
I need You (another) to live!

See the last few posts to understand this growing synch as to why some whose life has past in sorrow yet they live for the SPIRIT in a new life. Like the feeling I have of Perpetua who took the Roman Soldiers blade and brought it to her own neck. Revealing the Joy of attention to SPIRIT after having lost their lives due to the the sorrow of human interpretation without SPIRIT.


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