Sunday, January 05, 2014

The house that love built

The house that love built

Without love especially toward the SPIRIT that is life itself the synergy which created all things could never be reached. Like a man and a women who love life and each other they would inevitably reach with the heart for that which would be mutual intent, This intent also leads to the romance between YOU and I and the intent over many millenia of YOU and I and even US and THEM as there is male and female in all creatures. So it is that the love across time is what created this house/reality. When You share a picknick by a beautiful waterfall and many creatures come and share the water and the beauty You can be assured that love is what built this house.

The wonderful thing about my experience with mutual intent with SPIRIT has been both Pam and My experience together and the experience with SPIRIT grew that experience to where she has grown to trust what comes through our experience.

The story is not over just the listeners have dwindled.

But that is ok because this whole experience was primarily something I sought to know.

The present state of this experience arrived at the point that the whole world though an angel was sent by GOD to the people they would only kill him. That what humans are drawing is also tainted though they know not what they do with the grace and understanding of SPIRIT that allows us though so separate to be joined through the SPIRIT. But the portion of scripture designed for the presumptuous is also the milk. That the presumptuous will never reach to the SPIRIT nor go on past the milk in understanding.

But that brings me to Our Pam and My present condition. For we are very happy in our understanding of what is our lives yet, Pam’s back has gone out to the point that I must wait on her hand and foot now. Brett began to speak of the future of bedpan’s and hardships to which I could reply with truth that it is my pleasure to care for her in this manner but I don’t think it will be like he fears because of the greatness of the SPIRIT in my experience,

Watching Sholem Aleichem the writer of “The Fiddler on the Roof”. And the synch with the Separation between Jews and Gentiles. Between YOU and I, and how synergy dies with such intent. But with a love of SPIRIT only we can be led to reconnect with everyone and everything as love originally intended.

Children are the same way, we can pass on the mores through example but reaching them is done through SPIRIT just like the experience of love with Pam and I in my stories of Mendacino where she goes shopping and I go walking the cliffs and sure enough when we meet up we have had mutual experience to share that relates to the SPIRIT reaching both of us. To have a parent with true intention of heart toward SPIRIT and not just faking religion is what passes the same on to the child.
All have failed and lost their way but those that appear as though they have not are hiding. The thing about the SPIRIT is that You do not learn how to find "the way" by learning outside of having lost Your way.

You cannot find the muscle of heart and faith without first loosing Your way and then when the heart reaches SPIRIT we find the grace and love that is what finding our way is all about. Thus knowing that truth is from SPIRIT in the moment needed and not from learning what to do or how to be good. Those that hide and set traps reveal their true intent. It is because they could not be reached that those with true intent are those that are punished by those hiding.


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