Monday, February 17, 2014

Simi Valley and the Movie Hondo

Great trip to Simi Valley to see my Sister and we got a lot done while down there in Lompoc and Palmdale. Trying to get the pics off the dvd I transferred them to.

On the way back from Simi Valley we were halfway between Santa Barbara and Lompoc passing the Santa Barbara Ranch at the moment I told Pam "I am having an ear tone in my right ear. This also points to an area that has few quakes but that I had intention to move the quake to.

Post about moving earthquake to Carrizo Plain

This was the message of SPIRIT.
We are to Jolt into joy and let go of anything that intends to take away from SPIRIT and JOY. Even in the greatest pain and heartache YOU/SPIRIT have jolted me into joy. Because life is short, therefore SPIRIT helps us to LET GO OF ALL SPIRITS that their whole existence has been to keep others in endless pain, shame and blame but with true intention of heart they TOO ARE GIVEN TIME TO START NEW!

The Nothing
The Movie Hondo

About Indians, white people lying, a man with true intention of heart. Great Movie

The SPIRIT revealed what it was doing through my experience as in the Hondo with John Wayne and how those pursuing become the pursued by SPIRIT

When Hondo tells the lieutenant an Indian story about how the pursuer becomes the pursued.

  • 01:02:46 He's run before us for 200 miles.01:02:48 Indians have a story they tell their young ones...
    01:02:52 about a hunter who chased a wild cat until he caught it.01:02:55 Then it was the other way around.
    01:02:57 The story goes back further than the Indians.
  • Then 
  • 01:03:03 The soldier caught a Tartar and yelled out.
    • Time - Phrase
    01:02:57 The story goes back further than the Indians.
    01:02:59 It's originally attributed to the first Roman army to enter Tartary.
    01:03:03 The soldier caught a Tartar and yelled out.01:03:04 The officer called back for him to come in with his prisoner.
    01:03:07 And he replied, "The Tartar won't let me."


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