Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Lure Transmutation

I had written to some trusted friends about how those wanting to discredit and alter appearances (they are revealing what they have always done) caused me to use the word LURE as they were luring me saying outlandish things that they thought I would refute but the SPIRIT took the word LURE and began to give me synchs with it IN THE DIRECTION OF LIFE and away from the "NOTHING" which is those that are left behind because they do not have true intent toward SPIRIT. Just like the pain with that person before that was close to me who betrayed me and then began to LURE me in order to use what they "had planned" against me. So these plan to set a trap so that if I speak they can then appear as though they can spew their hate against me. But if I let the SPIRIT work they destroy themselves. So it is that the SPIRIT is to finish the work. Though all the synchs came true about those who will judge themselves trying to judge others.

  1. 1.
    tempt (a person or an animal) to do something or to go somewhere, esp. by offering some form of reward.

Anyway, we began to have synchs with Lore and LURE in that my sister and mother looking for a new homestead for the family sent me the property we are looking at in Lake LURE NC. This transmutes the word lure toward something that is wanted. Many of You on propheciesonline know of what I speak and I do not speak but now let the SPIRIT do what he has indicated through all that has happened as it speaks volumes. Something that would LURE our whole family from Florida and California etc to begin new together as is my mother's intent. See Are You the Nothing GLP also the nothing in the "Never Ending Story"

The NOTHING which is those speaking from ego instead of looking to what is said by SPIRIT are nothing because they conspire with their mind and this will result in the end to be nothing though they flatter other nothings that hate men and SPIRIT. So they will be nothing as they already know without SPIRIT (not just synchs but reaching to that which created all things) without SPIRIT/the LOVE that truly brings together those on the right and on the left as all realities can be sanctified and made right by SPIRIT through LOVE.

We had been looking at 412 Island Creek Rd Lake Lure NC but it closed and so we are looking at other sites in the area. Mother wants to be self sufficient sort of like the Alaska, The last frontier and be free to seek the SPIRIT and learn to let life live through us. Wonderful things are on the horizon! And the project to reach my own is in the hands of SPIRIT now.

Lake Lure NC.

Also when I got on Facebook I found my 2nd cousin in North Carolina writing about North Carolina and also Pam and I had synchs about the outer banks lately.


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