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The Devil and, You misconstrued my IN TENT

When a person begins to descend into the hell that they created, and they see that they are to blame for what they created as the heat on the bottom of their feet increases a remarkable thing can happen to the person with true intention and eyes open. What words could not accomplish, as you will be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye. Intentions become mutual with the SPIRIT and with others who seek the same and miracles begin to happen. 

I learned a long time ago to put the attention on the joy and wonderful synchs that I want more of. And then as I learned to see what was mutual with SPIRIT I began to see SPIRIT and what was mutual with others. (Or SPIRIT through others) But the devil appears as an angel of light and deceives many, but the idea is to not put the attention on the that or PAY THE DEVIL NO MIND. The only problem was that when you really did want to love a person and a commitment such as friendship or others in the group that you have synergy with or even marriage keeps you there with those children that it takes much more practice keeping the attention on the SPIRIT because of the wiles of the devil through a the mind of someone that does not love you. How do you separate the friends from the "white washed tombs" How do you love the children. 

The rule of love the SPIRIT and what is mutual gets tested in such circumstances. I see that GOD cannot even reach his children past the veil of interpretation given them by those that never knew him and are not mutual in love. (To be mutual in intention through love creates synergy and harmony, the opposite creates strife.) So if GOD must break the hearts of his Children in order to reach them, how does a person love another person except to let that person experience what must be experienced.

The real story was GOD the LOVER suffered/allowed his only SON to go through even the death of the cross in order to reach the world to the heart,,, right. Where do you think Jesus got those words,,,, this is my body that is given to you,, and now you should offer up your body as a living sacrifice to SPIRIT without reservations. Why it is the very essence of what those that demand is so terrible, it is passionate love played out and learned from. Not that we remain as children under that teacher but in our youth to experience SPIRIT unveiled and uninhibited is how we wash away all that is misunderstood. Then in our love when we become a man we have learned to be mutual with SPIRIT and with LOVE. We can then graduate from the teacher (put away childish play and use our passion to create) So those that love the law and not SPIRIT would stay in the childish reality of shame and blame while those that learned truly to the heart what the teacher taught can put away those things seeing where they lead and put his passion toward miracles and mutual creations. While those never believing the SPIRIT cover themselves in a veil of self rightness, shame and blame.

How many times has a lover lured you with the APPEARANCE only to use you for profit or self gratifacation, well this is the process of learning what is love and we cannot see it if we are not pointed there. We cannot see love if we are pointed at deception. If we say, they are evil so I can take advantage and then blame them. Who do we draw but someone that also is learning what is love and what is not. 

The SPIRIT said, "Will You be ashamed at my return?" Those that remain in shame want to keep those they hate back in the childhood of their learning and want others to believe they are that child that misunderstood as all begin in separation and misunderstanding. Those that want to remain in shame and blame and not die to that old life and start new in SPIRIT want to keep those who they blame in front of their own shame because it worked with him or her or whoever,,, but the tables turn and all who blame will be shamed. 

A lot of synchs have been fine tuning the attention to SPIRIT through love. But even the SON OF GOD WAS BLAMED by those that were in the way of reaching GOD's children.

For many years there was ONLY YOU AND I/MY LIFE and it was easy to never have any contact with those that seek others to blame. I could dream exactly what I wanted and it would come and I could let go of what was growing toward their own shame. It was perfect, but I still needed to fine tune my attention/worship toward SPIRIT which this fire of family and mix of loved ones and pharisees that appear as white washed tombs was part of that process. I am experiencing SPIRIT in the midst of this fire and learning to sing only to YOU. Even the SPIRIT through Jesus was tempered by this fire, even he was blamed by those who wanted him to carry their shame. And Moses went out alone in the wilderness to learn to see SPIRIT only and then returned to allow SPIRIT through him. Many have said just disregard the devil through that person, and that is the synch.
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I notice how those that love me and know their own mutual intentions with me do not intentionally misunderstand a word so as to start the next fight.

In my musings on my altar from 1993 there is this quote about this time right now


Listen to the tide slowly turning ,, listen to the ashes burning A door A passionate burning cross Shake the tree (dna) Shiver me timbers captain The virgins and their lamps waiting , drawing the fragrance of the heart,, the veil
You misconstrued my IN TENT Let it roll!!! do ya feel the power Fullness (passionate,burning,cross, mobile, fullness) Wait upon the dream, then, when he and she meet,, it’s right.

You misconstrued my IN TENT
You misconsrewed my inten
You miss con screwed my intent

So I noticed how those without true intent looking to shame would take words and intentionally "mis con screw with my intent" in order to alter appearances. But then I notice that where the SPIRIT is in those with love there is synergy, synchronicity, harmony and forgiveness. And the forgiveness is not letting go of something to appear good or loving it is letting go of anything so that we can put their attention on what we want more of from SPIRIT, like love, synergy, spontaneity, synchronicity, harmony, miracles. The fruit of the SPIRIT are all these things.
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I have been led by SPIRIT to see what really has been going on with the trials and mishaps. The SPIRIT indicates it IS revealing the original intent and that is that in any situation when we go to the SPIRIT and give that hurt or anger to SPIRIT that we then see the SPIRIT action and trust that it is perfect. But if we jump the gun and punish them ourselves when often it is our own creation we are punishing them for. So attention to SPIRIT and then to mutual joy is paramount.

So in all this I have the summary is that I have seen that the Devil or flesh through those separate always "misconstue" and misinterpret and it always leads to strife. While attention to SPIRIT leads to the understanding the "true intentions of the heart" and leads to harmony, synergy,synchronicity, love apart from the law. Those that would "misconstrue" reveal their disbelief in SPIRIT by their attention to law and force and power over the subtle things of SPIRIT. I have noticed those that are full of the interpretations of society are the first to reject anyone and anything that falls outside of their interpretation thus revealing their true intent.

You misconstrued my IN TENT
But it was before known that they would. :o


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