Friday, June 06, 2014

Childhood Memory

I was thinking about my childhood
A feeling was trying to come over me about how it felt growing up in my family
I really believed what I was being told "still do"
There was this impediment to getting holy there about this feeling
It is the movie playing in the background as I walk and put a word on my table
(But the SPIRIT reminded me that it was such as we had seen when I was a child)
It is a sixties movie, both Pam and I and even my sister Sharon have been watching a lot of 30-60's movies. Sharon has been all nostalgic lately about such movies.

Something I now see my father spoke was also the SPIRIT speaking to me. Probably because life and my father's intentions naturally coincided. Through my experience of late I am coming to know who my mother really was because I did not know her as a child.

The feeling that seemed different was what my father said was different about our family and also played out in our experiences. We were raised apart from Society, separated in thought, even in location anchored out on a boat etc. We dreamed and wondered about things both Spiritual and scientific that others just did not concern themselves with.

This alien self image and rejection of what society said was "the truth" helped me in my Spiritual reality to see past all the interpretations to the actual problem and solution of religion that only comes from real experience with SPIRIT. The synchs consciously began in 1979 but as the experiences grew it became clear that SPIRIT was contrary to the letter and interpretation but that scripture held true experience such as Moses and Jesus,, but only the SPIRIT as in between the father(those who went before us) and his Son (Me, You, Us) though separated perhaps by time we are islands in the stream and no one should be in between. (no priest or intercessor) Though the world cannot conceive of existence without the control of those who "LOL know better LOL."
Therefore unlike those that would lead you to believe they followed me which my story indicates is not the intent but that we follow SPIRIT and to know the difference between the man speaking and the SPIRIT is the height and depth and width. Therefore there cannot be sheep,(sheep are led to slaughter) but only those that know SPIRIT. Rather than that eventual slaughter we fall deliberately on this rock that is SPIRIT and truth, being guided by SPIRIT only.


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