Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It started with everyone around me having high blood pressure and not
knowing how to help them.
Being around them I began to feel it as well
I knew that YOU;/MY LIFE was that perfect blood pressure we needed and I
knew when I went for a procedure
The nurse also had synchs and was really into what was happening. I told her as we met and she was showing me the changing room how I have lived on the edge of death even the middle of the storm with my focus on YOU.

And it turned out to be sanctuary, the safest place of all.
Then later, during the procedure my blood pressure was like 160/112 and 160/120
The numbers are not the focus, this nurse she seemed to understand

I went walking waiting for YOU for all of us.
I got the picture that YOU were the blood and like a rocket engine fired
up waiting to meet me with passion, but I was not meeting you, I knew I
needed both passion in the closet about you. I've found that if the SPIRIT presents this in this form then it WILL BE AS THE SPIRIT SAID EVEN THROUGH SCIENCE WOULD THINK it was crazy. Because as the synchs about presumption showed EVERY BRAIN OVERLOOKS THE SMALLEST OF POINTS.
Yes, my cardio was at first responding to YOU/ Unveiled and dancing like
as on the dance floor, this is where the passion started
Then it was natural, dreaming of home with YOU, now my cardio was
passion dreaming of what YOU would do through me to create home.
Like in this time dreaming of home and how my passion got so great that
I began to run and jump over logs while dreaming of YOU/SPIRIT coming in
the form of creating home. Like Abraham dreaming of a land for his

As I fantasized I would begin to walk faster and soon I might even be running during the real exciting parts. I remember how I would often jump over logs as I dreamed. I believe that this dream is a universal/ occurrence/ fantasy that You and I also share. The Children of Israel in the wilderness were having this dream. YOU are my water, YOU are my bread, You are my home.

When I got home, my numbers after dreaming all this and walking faster and faster as I dreamed it,, my


had dropped by  over 20 points to the lower 90's.. So I am going back to the ritual of walking in wilderness which the habits of those around me had me unable to do what I did alone.
Words.... Meaningless! Just as life has taught us through our broken hearts, the appearances, the words of humans, him or her cannot be trusted. Each time we trusted HE/SHE failed or broke our hearts.
But rather we wait until someone reaches to the HEART and SPIRIT MAKES IT HAPPEN, then we see who has true intention of heart and who is is appearances.


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