Monday, June 09, 2014

The Great Train Wreck, Civil War, You and I collide synchs and the Future

So the next experience I was having has to do with extremists. Not Islamic extremists but Right Wing extremists and Left wing extremists. A very important person in my life is caught up in the the words and biases of one of these extreme beliefs that DID NOT COME FROM SPIRIT. I often find to pick a side is to leave SPIRIT. And this person would think that I am a socialist because I accept people. Like the right I don't like too much government, and like the left I believe the right often follows an interpretation that separates them from the heart. So it looks like these two trains/groups are designed to give to their constituents the beliefs that are not their true intentions, and to separate what would naturally be unseparated. This person because of the dogma of their feed from an extremist belief system would not accept me and their enemy on the left also because of their extremist feed also would not accept me. In this I find that the right people on the left and the right people on the right will collide and great will be the suffering because they need somewhere to focus their passion, and someone to focus their passion against. But as "The SPIRIT" through Jesus spoke saying "You do it to the least of these my brethren, you have done it to ME/SPIRIT." You see, those who hear SPIRIT, get their answer of what is right in this moment from SPIRIT and it works to the greatest good.

It's not a group of beliefs that a group holds that is made right, but the SPIRIT "makes right" whom HE draws to himself, not according to knowledge, not according to what the mind can conceive of as right, but because the SPIRIT is the smallest of points overlooked by all who interpret.

Las Vegas ‘revolution’ shooters ID’d as right-wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish

This is the problem when people begin believing an interpretation of appearances that does not come from the SPIRIT.
The original intention of the heart would say this does not feel right.
But, it is not just the right, it is also the left. One group will feel it is a victim, but it is not, it also created it by attention to the TRAIN OF THOUGHT (The Great Train Wreck synch) given them by their "L E A D E R S"
Leaders Lead Astray
Attention to SPIRIT leads to love which spills out within family/group.
Attention to leaders is like the snake in the tree that led one person to INTERPRET without SPIRIT"S guidance. The brain/flesh is a very stupid machine that overlooks the smallest of points continuously. It must be bridled by SPIRIT, or like the hundreds that found out they were PRESUMPTUOS.
To be hurt by love and yet still love (not retaliate) is knowing YOU/SPIRIT

Collisioin immenant!

As the SPIRIT has said
The presumptuous self righteous on the right
And the presumptuous self righteous on the left
Will Collide like two trains out of control
This is how the LETTER leads to the masses death

Everything is exactly on schedule for desolation (Americans Rejected SPIRIT)
If you want to know the reality of what was really being said by Jesus about the coming collision between forces and what was the salvation from anything in this moment then understand what the SPIRIT is saying to You!

The Great Train Wreck and Civil War!


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