Friday, October 24, 2014

From our Post online about "Why we Fight"

From our post about "Why we Fight"   http://www.propheciesonline.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2616

Thanks Eagle and your "think on these things" has been very synchronous to our experience. :D 

By the time we got back to Merced after Leaving Stockton and going over the mountain and spending time alone along hwy 395 things began to become more synergistic and joyful again. We met a lot of wonderful people like George from the Motel that loved speaking about SPIRIT as he had lost everything and started new but his partner had left recently and he wanted to know how to keep the joy. I told him to forget about trying to please them and turn to Romance with SPIRIT and then when your life is overflowing with experience with SPIRIT you will share that with her. "These Treasures" must become first before things or there is no lasting happiness. Back in Merced we stopped at JR Tacos and shared two enchiladas and spoke to a lady who worked in the medical dept of a prison. She knew exactly how fear effects people and makes them act. A lot of times the fearful "do not know what they are doing" (FATHER forgive them) when they take what they need and seem to overlook what they are doing to you. But instead of punishing them we have to look at what we are really wanting. Like myself, I am very happy in my life and wish for my brother to be happy as he has not been so fortunate. Therefore, I need to look at the situation as though we are creating a way for "All of us" to be fulfilled. For those that believe in punishment, this is a time to learn also about humility and compassion and how to let the SPIRIT do the judging. To use a bullet is to judge, therefore "perfect love" is better than a bullet and Kim Jong Un may have been given a reprieve, but that is according to the SPIRIT. (Do you understand?)

So fear makes everyone overlook the other person like this Ebola that pushes all the Fear buttons in the news today. When humans are afraid they don't think about the people or even loved ones they hurt. Most often this is why we fight. The more you kill those fighting you the more you empower their fear and retaliation. So fear is the enemy, and the letter of interpretation is what creates the war (extremist) without SPIRIT all on both sides are scheduled to eliminate each other, while the reality of this reaches to the heart and resurrects the SPIRIT through our spirit.

She Lifts me out of my Complacency (Jacob's Trouble)

This sounded interesting

Jun 28, 2014 - DNA tree, Combination of humanoid and reptile DNA ... extreme separation – whereby their actions, motivations and agendas are ruled by fear, ...

I just like this

So I had a lot of energy come my way and needed to get out in a fresh place. It was great! In all we lost four things and recovered them all. And what we spent we also recovered unexpectedly. Rather than fight I have given the presumption and conspiracy to SPIRIT and know that it is supposed to occur. 

Here are some pics of our time in the mountains


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