Saturday, October 25, 2014

Post about my grief in not reaching You and how I process grief

On our trip down hwy 395 Pam and I stopped again at our favorite nature spots. One of them was Fossil Falls and we stayed there and meditated for a while. I was processing my grief about not being able to reach You and family and was having the same feelings there I used to have about not wanting Pam to fall and get hurt which turned into this synch about Sheparding and Love. But anyway, along came this man a little older than I am who said he wanted to let his mother see this place so he turned around and walked back the difficult trail with all the volcanic stones to step over and got his mother he left at the beginning of the trail. She was 87 years old and the tenderness he had with his mother reminded me of my own experience with my mother of late. We spoke about all of this with them and he understood my grief which was for all of us, not just my mother and my siblings and the pain of not reaching them. The future would make such better sense if what I have shared could be seen. I wanted to keep them alive a bit longer to share more of SPIRIT but they wanted to go on. (Both my dad and mom)

Here is a pic of Pam looking at one of my favorite forms at Fossil Falls. I was recording a video about sheparding at the moment I took this pic.

From an older Post http://www.stephentree.com/threedays/
Here is the thing she is looking at from an earlier post during the rainy season.

He Hideth My Soul in the Cleft of the Rock 

Here is an interesting form I found there

Here I am posting the video about meeting the man and his mother

As we left Fossil Falls we noticed a white car belonging to the Orkin Man was waiting for almost a mile for us to pass before they pulled out behind us. Then the next day the Orkin Man passed us by on hwy 99 between Bakersfield and Fresno.
WPTOM A dream has to be born of the SPIRIT and would then be mutual to all who participate. The synch we are having is changing Lemons to Lemonade in that since it became obvious that the intention was not based on SPIRIT we all are going to wait for the SPIRIT to reinvent this dream and start new.


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