Sunday, November 23, 2014

Letting go of hard feelings at the Ghost Town

We are in Tennessee now and we had a great trip. We are still not at the farmhouse.

The Exodus from our old home in Stockton to our new home in Tennessee was very much the baptism by the SPIRIT covering all the necessary experiences to prepare us for what lies ahead.

Because of Pam’s background she was prepared to retire in the apartment but the SPIRIT knew that I needed the freshness of a new life and so did she. 

So first the SPIRIT dealt with her fears and getting her to see it is the same thing as being in Stockton because there was ONLY YOU AND I. For me that means the SPIRIT and I but for her that means we keep focused together as we always have where I see only the SPIRIT and she has learned to trust the SPIRIT through me and through her experience. Keeping this focus means that we are always at home wherever we are. 

Next came the day that she woke up very angry because she had been promised the house and that was what made her let go of the apartment and trust me to go to the farm. But right after giving up the apartment we found out it changed again which in the turmoil of all that has gone on with our loss and emotions everyone was very much traumatized and nothing seemed to stay the same as each life was uprooted and they were looking for home themselves. So Pam only saw that my sister had changed the plan though she gave us a written agreement that was now no more and we had no home to go to. My sister had found out that her fears were not justified and my brother was there to “help” her. But this puts us out because we really do not feel comfortable around others and knew that since we live a different way that we would be “misunderstood” and so Pam was really angry that she felt cheated.

I explained that we would just get a small cheap “sanctuary” apartment to use while we were building though my brother indicated we had “a room” in the house and that there would be peace. I knew that John and I could start new and it would be ok but my eldest sister raises her energy a lot over anything and we just cannot live like that.

So Pam was feeling betrayed and cheated and I told her let’s just trust the SPIRIT that YOU are leading us to “find home” and disregard these changes so that things can get to some normalcy. Pam could not let go of the anger and I told her that YOU CANNOT BE ANGRY AT ANYONE WITHOUT IT BEING YOURSELF BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE BEING IN THE UNIVERSE. Anyway, what this means is when we are angry across the veil you might as well put yourself on the other side as you really are doing it to yourself. Things like cancer comes from such held feelings.

So on the way we stopped at the old Ghost Town that mom, my sister and I stopped at and I had spoken something about the broken glass and the family fight before it ever started though I had said it in jest. I moved the sharp boards so Pam would not step on them and helped her to see in the window as mother had done looking at the “fixerupper”. After seeing it she walked on her own to leave but still tripped on the barbed wire and fell on her face. I knew immediately that this energy was saying due to the very spot it happened and I did a video relating back to the video I had done with Mom and sister.

Pam also knew what this meant because of the energy and synchronicity of our day. She could have been seriously hurt but was not so was good to make her realize how to let go of that pain.

We plan on starting new with my brother and sister as far as we can but must do it on our terms because to follow another’s energy often leads to being led even without them knowing they are doing it. So we will stay there in that room when we NEED to but will find a sanctuary away from any misunderstanding. We need to love and start new every day with SPIRIT and with these whom we will sojourn with.

For me there is only YOU and I SPIRIT so everything that happens is like “from YOU” therefore it helps me to take responsibility for what I sow and reap.

Here are the two videos
The fixer upper
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWyD1p3 ... GD2wo3E8xg
Pam and the energy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eTOSvx ... e=youtu.be


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