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Sister got a letter from another sister who never showed any love back when given love. She was asking for an apology after she and her lawless Beast she is riding stole so much without any heart or thought and now I must let go of all such ruthless calculating betraying manipulators even in my own family. These empty places will be filled with great love and joy from the SPIRIT through others. But the SPIRIT is moving to rid these from my lives as also I dreamed in 1993 this same betrayal would occur in my own family to reach those who are to be reached and those who in their hearts are only WORKERS OF INIQUITY ARE TO LEAVE MY WORLD!!!!!

So it is thanksgiving and I am reminded of the time of the Whales Breaching and what happened on Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful.

Also, I am having thoughts about this new betrayal and similar things happening.

On to Christmas as the synchs while putting  up the lights began with the movie
The Christmas Kiss
It was about the wonder the SPIRIT of Christmas,,, and the lights!
 SPIRIT-Lights-Meeting- Nut Cracker- Family- Surprise!

Like in the movie the grandmother had passed on the gift of the Christmas Carol and the toy soldier played a part in fighting the ruthless calculating betrayer.

Mom had passed on the nut cracker, toy soldier to me from her mother.

(I had wrote about it but like all the other posts that were lost because some people were covering their shame when they never really needed to and it was deleted. I am sure some great synchs from the SPIRIT would have been in them. But alas.....)
Went back to the old computer I had in California years ago and found this post about the nutcracker and now I know the SPIRIT is moving against the cold calculating betrayers in order to let the power of the SPIRIT be shown!!!!!

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Synchs with the Wooden Soldiers marching.
 I have seen two circumstances where the wooden soldiers march and win this week and then I keep having a certain feeling when I see
this wooden soldier.


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l'eau wrote:..


Yeah, hurrah hurrah is *right*, l'eau!!! I was sweatin' it!!!

Mr. Tree! It was a hoot reading that old post from my Mister Lady days! But wish I hadn't *seen* that chocolate bar, as now I want one! Very Happy

Oh, so u meant thooooooooooose nutcracker-type wooden soldiers! Ooops. Those are happy-soldiers....lookin' for nuts.... Maybe we should send them to Afghanistan for Christmas! haha Wink


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The first toy soldiers were in the Hardy movie where they are sent to drive out the invaders. Great commercial about all the smooth and tasty layers of chocolate had me transmuting the chocolate to great aspects that can be filled other ways. Smoothness, deep, layered experience. Strong Wine!

Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:37 pm    Post subject: The Opera of life's experience

I have noticed a pattern in my life experiences that feels like the pattern of humans as well and last night I felt the passion and circumstances play out like the emotions of an Opera. (Like the nutcracker synchs of late)

This has to do with meeting, love, passion and experience together, misunderstanding, veil rising, waiting believing the Spirit, and the eventual ressurection. 

This pattern has played out in each of my relationships.

At about seven years You left me though we were still together. Nowhere to put the passion was leading to a spiritual death, but then as You began to have experiences You came back to me and it was like the ressurrection.

Same thing with my daughter. I had to go away for a while but I would return and share what I had found and sure enough You recognised me.

I was dreaming about a young boy (myself at four years old, with the turtles in Turkey) I was speaking to that little boy as when I was that little boy I remember that I had heard YOU which was the Spirit in my loneliness. I went into where Pam was and she had a child's retainer she was remembering about. I felt the retainer and said "He is still there", the little boy (her son) still was in the person that had grown up.

Then I went back into the living room listening to music and speaking to "the child".

Then Raine called and Pam handed me the phone. It was 11PM where she was and she was fixing spagetti and salad for someone that was coming in from Arizona and she felt like calling me. I told her what I was doing and that I was then speaking to the little girl that I had such a connection with when she was 3&1/2 years old. We realised what a wonderful conversation we were having and then Raine turned to her mother while on the phone with me ane said "Mom, Pull my finger". That was something she did when she was 3&1/2.

Now as the Spirit is pouring out on earth and so many changes are happening so fast and folks are having so many spiritual experiences and we all go with the flow it will be like that relationship where we all got lost and then once again are found.

Pam and I are having a fresh experience and the passion is given a place to flow again.

Raine and I are having a new and magical start.

You and I are having a new start after many years of these experiences happening.

Like all humans, the The veil of interpretation is what is separating You and I on this planet.
We should never have believed in shame or blame.
Remember the PAIN in the GARDEN
Remember You CHOSE to live alone and hide Yourself behind Your tears and like a veil You have hidden Yourself from me.
Remember the covenant we share, remember we created the sunrise to remind us to always start new. dnatree

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