Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Rocket synch

Those that the SPIRIT draws understand exactly.
One a walk around Crane Lake I had many wonderful meetings and one was especially magic as we began to relate to one another as to where we come from and the magic of the SPIRIT causing us to relate. Then I said I came from C alifornia and he said he came from California. Then I said Yes, about 14 months ago to which he said. "Me Too!" November 2014 and he said,, that was when I came her. Then I said "The twenty fourth to which he looked at his buddy fishing and they both said "YOU have got to be kidding" It was the exact day I had come to California.

Rocket Synch today.  First on Frasier and then I looked down at the news and teens were strapping rockets to their skateboards.

So I am looking at my synchs with Rockets by googling dnatree rocket.




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