Saturday, June 11, 2016

We left longing like two "thirsty jackels" for experience with SPIRIT.

"Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her."

The years alone with YOU my life, have caused this to happen, that she hears and "It WORKS! 

We needed clarity and a new word "resolve", therefore we took off not knowing where we were headed but looking to YOU, SPIRIT.

Pam and I took off on a trip to jolt into joy and find YOU fresh. We headed toward Paris Tennessee but did not make it. Instead we found what we sought to find.

So many synchs fed into recognizing the path in the wilderness of reality. We left longing like two "thirsty jackels" for experience with SPIRIT.

We decided to stop and get lost in Clarkville TN. and found we were not lost but found. We had a synch with two friends (Michelle and Shag) whom both mentioned they wanted the lights, energy and feel of being a DJ and each element including many other synchs fell into place in Clarksville but that was only to be the start.

Party in the Alley, the layers of experience and beauty we got used to everyday of our experience in California was found new there. From our lodging to the Alley party (Group playing Fleetwood Mac) to the downtown scene and the elegance of the buildings and waterfront.

The next morning we had a blast with the workers at the Waffle House and one girl knew my true intent when I called her Shorty and just had great rapport with everyone there.

So we went on the the "Land between the Lakes" and ended up at the Planetarium for a show and there I "felt" the synch with the word " Resolve" as in Galileo could not RESOLVE the rings of Saturn as he did not have a clear enough telescope and therefore saw them as ears on the planet. I then knew the synch was about " Now we see through a glass dimly but then we shall see face to face. For presumption would  lead to calling them ears if a greater telescope did not resolve the rings of Saturn. So it is that experience with SPIRIT and time are like two lenses separated by a distance. Revealing that interpretation is presumption and all religion is lost.

Then my friend began to text me wanting to know the "word" for the day and I told him as I wrote above.

But the longer we sought after the SPIRIT such as to be Three days so the greater the synchs did appear. We got to Bowling Green and there was nothing but synchs. 

I had been thinking of my brother and wanting him to experience this with his partner so as to share and heal all separations.

We had one synch after another with these things at the Victorian Fountain downtown and we rode a carriage and the Horse was called Shorty and the guy related to all our synchs. The art at Spencer's Coffee shop there in Bowling green matched the SPIRIT of this album when we got home entitled "Let's be Still".

Anyway here is some audio of our carriage ride. You can count the synch we shared.
So many more not mentioned here.

Here is another video about the Shorty and Robin synch


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