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SPIRIT music dance

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So I have had this feeling lately
Like ISIS when they hear Christians say "My God is powerful" and they think.... what Bull****
And when Christians hear them speaking their Bull**** about their God we feel the same way... what Bull****. Like what Burnie Sanders has done by reaching Americans and even the world about a few points that he is passionate about which in their eyes the Republicans are spewing bull**** because they know it is not from God. So we all know each other is bull**** but we all in our interpretations are full of BULL:) But what if, without even paying attention or giving power to any of these interpretation we were driven by SPIRIT,,, like Rock and Roll it is here and more people believe in rock and roll because it speaks to them. Does too Me, of course the many millions that are really into synchronicity believe it is "their God" speaking and it is, through more than music. These do not have an interpretation except that it feels right to dance this dance.

I guess we/I am told by the SPIRIT to not be afraid of the storm rising, it is just going to get rid of interpretations/Idol worshipers and such vermin. I am sorry, just loosening (Relax!) up to walk in Wilderness. You know nothing really matters anyway!

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Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed
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Thanks, no need to apologize.
I’m not looking for an interpretation from anyone. That is a double edged sword I guess because that is what our brains do…interpret input.

Even if someone came and said, I’m sorry but you are a wack a doodle, I think I would smile from ear to ear.
Just as you’ve made me smile this morn by being honest.

I liked Bernie, until he endorsed Hillary, so yea, I guess I am tuning into a line of bull…because I feel the entire process is rigged, or dirty players make it appear rigged. Lol, I guess there goes with the interpretation.

People, imo, get too hung up on it…that is all…judge by it.

I’m not demo or repub, not anymore. I was once a repub, but it was because my family was and it was tradition, just like I'm a Christian because that is the family I was born into. If I had been born in India, I'd probably be Hindu, it is the tradition. That isn't good enough, imo. 

Music is a great equalizer and communicator.

A few years ago when you had brought up the orange syncs, I didn’t know what you meant because I had not been part of that shared experience, by which I mean had not read about it or followed it on the other forums. So, you pointing to your previous predictions on your blog has helped me to understand the sync and how it has manifest over the years.

Is that not interpretation? I think it must be and can see the error of my assumption. I should have just asked.

So, it is I who should apologize to you. I’ve wanted to for years. I made assumptions about you that were entirely wrong because I didn’t understand all the dynamics.

I have a much clearer picture of everything thanks to you and others, but I still like it here, so I guess I will stick around. I hope you do too, and continue to write. 

dnatree/dove wrote
That is what I saw in people like Jesus and Samson and Rumi. They did not follow the interpretation that was presented but allowed the SPIRIT to work through them and how this effected those around them. Your words mean so much to me Mairin. Thanks.
I guess the difference is actually doing what my mother always spoke of "be a vessel for the SPIRIT".

Mairin Wrote
I just read your response...I will now go to work with a  :)

as you were typing I was typing too...

god of music...I didn't really mean it in the sense of the music industry conspiracy. I'm not into that, it's kind of like busy work.
I listen to what speaks to me, no matter the genre.

I like to listen to classical when I clean. The animals that reside at the places of my jobs, like it too.  :)

I did a happy dance of Friday. I got out of my car, it was a beautiful, although somewhat hot day, but I just felt really good, so I danced.

My life has been really up in the air, sometime that helps clear out all the junk. All of my belonging are in storage, and I am a guest in the country until I find a place that will accept my puppy.
People think I'm nuts, giving up my apartment for a dog, right after I had a chunk cut out of my leg, but it was worth it and necessary.

Sometimes I miss my stuff, like my sewing machine, so now I'm just writing a lot, I've given it over, not going to worry about it, and I know what is best will manifest.

Thanks for indulging me
Jesus was kind of a rebel, wasn’t he? He was a 'vessel for the Spirit', as was Samson. Rumi, I will have to study because I am not familiar with him.

I can relate to Samson, in a way, except for killing Philistines.
I cut all my hair off when I first began posting and things went off the rails. I look back and wonder what possessed me to do it, among other things. I always saw my hair as my antenna. It has since grown back to almost where it was when I cut it off and I am back where I began at my old home, living with my daughter and my x-husband.

I didn’t have anywhere to go. I had an apartment lined up that would take the puppy, but at the last minute they bailed on me and said they were giving the current tenant a second chance.

He stepped in and said, put your stuff in storage and come here until you find a place.

I was so angry in the beginning that I was blinded. I did things, he did things, it was a bad situation. But, funny thing is, since our divorce, I forgave him and hopefully he me, and we moved on and became friends.

I found that I still liked him as a friend, and he has been a friend for me through all of this.

A lot of people think it is weird, but forgiving feels good, and so does friendship. Like LittleLight said, conflict is very taxing, and I would say detrimental to the soul and psyche.

At that time, I craved intimacy of a different sort, but confused it for what it truly was. We were no longer compatible as a romantic couple. Now, I am happily celibate and he doesn’t hold those feelings against me any longer, he has moved on too.

So, now here I am, sans baggage and I just want to get back the vibe or tuning in and marveling at it all.
Watching it all unfold, you are right, nothing matters, thanks for reminding me to relax.
I feel less burdensome.

I think the hair cutting lesson for me was, don't give away your power, but realize and remember where that power ultimately comes from and that it is a precious gift.

Thanks to all who helped me to learn this lesson.

LittleLight, are you talking to me or Dove? I personally think of the Spirit as the Holy Spirit.
I've always been curious about the statement ... those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven...and wondered at that.

I suppose the best meaning of that is an unwillingness to admit the sin and ask for forgiveness?

Is that what others believe? Or am I wrong?

Maybe that is why I feel so strongly that I have to make amends.

Litttlelight wrote
 Mairin, Dove had mentioned SPIRIT and so i was wondering if that was the same as the holy spirit comforter spoken of by Jesus.
Blaspheming the holy spirit would be like blaspheming God or the spirit of divine love and creation.
IMO however it would be forgiven if someone never knew the holy spirit.
but if one had reached the point where one had a true understanding and relationship and then turned and went the complete opposite, i can see how that might not be forgiven, in other words one might not receive any assistance when one finally became aware of one"s folly

Dnatree/dove wrote
quote Littlelight,
Mairin, Dove had mentioned SPIRIT

Nah,,,, actually it would be the other way around as to making that judgement

Anyway, here is what I saw in the cloud.

Quote from post called  Loosen up to walk in wilderness

I remember those years alone with YOU, how Your joy and humor loosened me up to be with YOU..
Mairin wrote

surely  :)

I never meant or mean to offend anyone, certainly not God.
He must have a sense of humor to put up with all us humans. :D

He can read hearts.

You got me thinking, Dove…I said I didn’t know what possessed me to cut off my hair, but I do know.

It was the Spirit, in the context that you speak, not preach.

I had asked God to use me for what purpose, I didn’t know, I just knew it was necessary. It was when I first sat down to write. I just needed an occupation to help me fill that quest one feels within.

So, I began drawing things. The first thing I ever drew was a picture of the polar sky…the constellations and it bloomed from there.

When I joined the forum, I truly believe the spirit was involved. I’ve sensed for a long time that others may have believed that I was possessed by the spirit of the devil (or some other evil spirit, as those that believe in devilish spirits). I will agree I was guided by a ‘spirit’, but it wasn’t satan working through me, it was the SPIRIT (just capitalizing to denote the distinction as you do).

The Holy Spirit in my understanding, so I let it guide and speak through me, and if that means saying things that upset others, I am truly sorry for that, but all is necessary and choose not to worry about it.

Happy in my understanding, and happy to let you live in your understanding, and happy to let anyone else live in their understanding because surely an omniscient deity who created us also created that adversarial spirit that helps us learn the hard lessons, so the SPIRIT may dwell.

That is how I understand it. I’ve come by an organic process; I guess you could say. No church teaching, just directly to the source.

Now, let's all dance  :D



Ok, one more before I go...they keep playing as I type this. Like this one too


Littlelight wrote
the first two songs were just a warm up for the third!
We didn't start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
No we didn't light it
But we tried to fight it

dnatree/dove wrote
Good Morning Littlelight

Perfect as the SPIRIT through Mairin

That combination of songs spoke volumes like I was alone in my room with "YOU"

I had a lover once that found they could not change me so they cut their hair to shake themselves up. Come to think of it there was probably more than one. :)

Went looking for the  Poem "Rise" which those songs made me feel.
I just love, Love Drunk

Last night,
I saw the realm of joy and pleasure.
There I melted like salt;
no religion, no blasphemy,
no conviction or uncertainty remained.
In the middle of my heart,
a star appeared,
and the seven heavens were lost in its brilliance.

A true Lover doesn't follow any one religion,
be sure of that.
Since in the religion of Love,
there is no irreverence or faith.
When in Love,
body, mind, heart and soul don't even exist.
Become this,
fall in Love,
and you will not be separated again.

And then here is Rise

Once more,
rise, rise, rise,
Once more,
rise, rise, rise,
Once more,
rise, rise, rise.

Like the way a garden burns
in a hundred shades of orange in the fall,
a Lover’s heart shrivels for a sense of the Beloved’s touch.
Now the face of that charred garden
is my field of flowers.

Look, two hundred Jupiters
are dancing around my moon.

My Love business is booming,
but don’t credit the consultants.
I am done with the consultants
and the pundits,
they call you Jafar the imposter.

Little do they know,
Little do they know,
that you are my Shams
You are my Shams
the Flyer.

Once more,
rise, rise, rise,
rise, rise, rise,
rise, rise, rise.

And this from July 28th 2006 Ten years ago

Don’t Squash the Music

We are giving bags of squash to the neighbors. I cannot believe how many squash.  And the weeds, I am doing a greenhouse next year with black plastic to help control the weeds. We do love our gardens and have too many squash and potatoes. Started using netting on my tomatoes as the deer got a large number of them the other day.

Although the SPIRIT speaks in many other ways the MUSIC/DANCE synch got me back up last night as I was resting for a while and thought I would get up and spend time with YOU/SPIRIT and as I got up out of bed the synchs began about it.

We had just watched a movie done in 1948 about a wrongly accused and the woman that fingered him and why she lied called “Call Northside 777" when this song called “1940" came on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_Northside_777

The words as I walked into the room from resting were “Now's the time to be alive
To stay awake with me a while, and smile” 


Then came Moving Together

Also Wrote down these lyrics
agree with the groove
Then Finally Movin pretty lights
Take up your precious time
Yea, Sometimes I get a feeling that I never never had before

I began to think about 1940 and how the war had started comparing it to where we all are now

Next song came on
World Gone Crazy
Six Million ways to Live
world gone crazy they gone crazy, oh yeah
we gonna run to, we gonna hide the rock and the hill won’t save you with all your badness inside and when the gun is turned on you tell me what you gonna do cause a hurricane is on his way to blow you all away

Last song felt like the energy of the synch with Rain and emotionally what it feels like when you get to that point you wish you could go back to when there was no war. I thought about how all the angry folks that believe they are right will not want to be right anymore after the storm starts. Will want peace.
Stop the Rain
I can’t find this album but the lyrics were perfect
Lastly the Noiseshaper most played song
The Only Redeemer

That leads me to the old synch related to
As for those attacking the family they were found out and taken off the property so now Pam and I are alone on the whole thing having fun gardening, shipping electronics and repairing flatscreens as well as building on to our home we dreamed in California.

Last is all the new laws coming out about those that come on a forum for


“Freedom of Speech does NOT mean Freedom to abuse people. People who ‘Troll’ online are in effect guilty of Cyber-bullying, and we believe should face the same punishment as the crime of Cyber-stalking. This is why we are campaigning to have Trolling or Cyber-bullying re-classified, so that it can carry the same punishment as Cyber-stalking. We hope to have Trolling included in the The current US Federal Anti-Cyber-Stalking law, and have that law updated to suit as such.”
A ‘Troll’ is a person who posts a deliberately provocative or abusive message to a newsgroup or message board, with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. 

These people are essentially a type of ‘Cyber-bully’,
And we now have the tools to prosecute


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