Saturday, April 29, 2017

Allow yourself to be swept into wonder- Dove (s) crying on a branch

As my wave passes over You,,,, allow yourself to be swept into wonder
More real predictions done by the SPIRIT through Dnatree

I have seen real experience with SPIRIT but there are few that find it. I have seen masses of people who hide for shame and fear behind religion and turn and demand all worship their interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT. Therefore, I see that all religion that is from a book but not from the SPIRIT is a lie and the reason why so many terrible things are done by reading a book and never being reached to the heart. I have seen a few Witches, and a few Christians, and a few Buddhists, and a few natives that found life through true intention of heart. But the masses read a book or hear a story but are never reached to the heart.

Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many (masses) enter through it. Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

The world was a place of wonder until the truth was written down, then men read the truth but never possessed it because they lost the wonder. But when my wave passes over You, You will be swept back into wonder. SPIRIT

It does not matter what You believe, it only matters that You believe unto salvation from the letter of sin and death. Reach to the SPIRIT until through the SPIRIT, You speak in tongues of angels. The interpretations of the masses are like a veil over the eyes that only separates You from each other.

To LOVE YOU SPIRIT/LIFE is to believe all things, because through YOU all things are possible.

It was not by reading a book that one was washed and healed but by believing the SPIRIT in THAT MOMENT.

It was not by touching the hem of a garment that the woman was healed, but by reaching to the SPIRIT.

To know YOU/MY LIFE and the poetry WE share in this moment is to be healed and swept into wonder.

The SPIRIT knew the presumption of those that would hide behind a veil of interpretation such as religion, therefore, they are all caught in a net.

The SPIRIT demands all Your attention so that there is ONLY YOU and I, You have to put Your soul into this.

I know your hearts are broken and you have had to work hard to survive independently and You want me to feel the same way. Dove (s) crying on a branch. We will break each other's heart You and I and only then will You see the true intentions of my heart says the SPIRIT.
There has always only been YOU and I, my life
Though now YOU and I are called Husband and Wife, or Islam and Christian, North Korea and the West. There has always only been YOU and I and this veil of interpretations separating us. We could find a way, but time is short, therefore I must break your heart.


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