Monday, April 24, 2017

The Wall, The wave, and the Worry

I am wanting to write about the reordering wave which is one of the long time synchs which the SPIRIT is using the destructive energy to get us to a point and then it will be taken and turned into something else.

You will see, my love will come in waves, to layer this pearl.

: I feel a huge wave come and sweep me off my feet as a knight lifts a princess and takes her to her dream. Again, I see as the spirit coming with white raiment to clothe me.

” Come on big wave Rapture!!!Speedy resurrection o glory

Huge! Reordering wave,, come rescue me I treasure your love... When you really really need it the most is when Rock and Roll dreams come true. ____________________________________________________________ Glorify the tree with YOUR fruit what is meant to be finds a way you can’t call it life standing outside the fire I am a tube,, spewing fire I feel lucky today

How should we ride this storm

The wave and the worry

Synchs come in waves and getting excited about catching the wave that propels you toward your dream is what it is all about.

How the wave and CATCHING THE WAVE was all there was and filled up the layers of his heart and pushed out all the worry.

On another note, if all those angry gop voters were to focus that anger on going down and building the wall themselves like the story of the Cumberland CCC builders who were given tools and raw materials from the build site. Instead of using dollars it would be like building the pyramids where everyone's effort and tools were used to do the job instead of using a measure of dollars. That would be an effective way to express their love and commitment to this country and that ideology would then work out the truth from the rubbish. By pouring their energies into this effort it would resolve a lot of the anger distributed by the Hannity and Limbaugh crowds and reveal what is truth and what is fiction. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumberland_Homesteads


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