Monday, May 01, 2017

Clear Communication via SPIRIT


I was awakened last night and the communication via the SPIRIT concerning mainly You but also Littlelight and Pam's family and even my pet was very CLEAR and loving. I don't know when you intended to reach me but yours in particular was very clear and felt the good intention of heart. But I can't put into words all that was said. There was a luminescent light body of pure joy. Littlelight and how it is a good thing about your arm and finding a way to allow the freedom of SPIRIT right now. Some feelings relative to your post that was being censored relative to the Canadian 
American border energy. I need to acknowledge many coming to the door and knocking and I sensed the fragrance of a particular "L" Rose who has a broken heart and who always was very strong .  So like when Pam and I went walking in Mendocino and the SPIRIT communication was perfect, (though without words between us) so the SPIRIT acknowledges many at the door, so keep knocking. The Owl synchs are beginning again for Pam and I which speak of this SPIRIT communication.
Another link
May 3rd 2006 landslide and owl post
While searching out River Inn in Big Sur yesterday I was drawn to this video about a gorge in Big Sur relative to friends gathering to enjoy SPIRIT and life in the water (water as spiritual understanding).

Also remember seeing the Maypole as the tree through which we are all connected in SPIRIT as Spring new birth and saw this SPIRIT communication as relating to our connection via the SPIRIT.



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