Sunday, May 28, 2017

Everybody Knows lyrics and the Get of this Planet if you don't have true intent

My writing last night started with Tracy Morgan in the background saying "Boom!" at the moment thunder struck very loud outside our window.

The next synch was that I felt the words "bounced out of tune in" and wrote them down ten minutes before we went to a website called "tune in" to listen to some music but tune in was not working and we got bounced out back to the roku screen on our tv. Guess the site was down. Just checked it and it is back up.

Dance with SPIRIT

We watched David and Goliath last night which I felt was full of American propaganda about fighting but I did enjoy the synch with my moments as then we listened to Leonard Cohen which turned out to be a synch with David and his true intention of heart in the song Hallelujah.

Then a story about Comey came on the screen and I heard the words

Comey has True intention of Heart and the WH really wants to discredit him as he was getting close to the truth.

So having to do with leaving the struggle on Propheciesonline.com I am finished for now and I am to stand back and let the SPIRIT "MAKE ME RIGHT". Also because YOU love me.

Next I was working at my desk and Pam went out to the laundry room but the circuit breaker had been turned off because of the storm to protect the dryer. She needed it turned back on and I have intention and love for mutual intent with her. I felt I needed to go to the sink where the window to the laundry room is and use the gargle and when I got there I noticed her looking up at the window and mouthing something. I realized she needed the circuit breaker turned on and her intent drew the mutual moment. I just realized that this also has to do with my post above "because YOU love me".

Imagine= John Lennon The presumption of those that interpret without SPIRIT is allowed for them to believe in a heaven and a hell and in religion because "They demanded it" and therefore it is for their judgement not those they judge.

Song everybody knows by Leonard Cohen and this present administration. Very cool synch
Everybody knows that the captain lied
SNL and Hallelujah


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