Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lost Creek and the Fountain of living Water

I wanted to JOLT Pam out into joy to keep her in a good place so I decided to take off yesterday and take her to a town near ours named Sparta. I called Marvin who is a friend of ours at the Chamber of Commerce. He was not in at the moment but I was told he would call me later. Pam and I went and checked out the Purple Fork which is not open yet and the new coffee shop that also has not opened and then we went and checked out the park that we love to walk in by the river. Hey the park is not finished yet either but we enjoyed having lunch in a cool place by the river. They turned the train trestle into a walking bridge across the river. Somehow all this "not finished yet" stuff feels like it is part of the synch. 

   I left Pam to rest as she needs to a lot while her eye is healing and went and walked the dog back by the train trestle. While I walked I got the call from Marvin and he said he wanted to stop by the park and leave a brochure on the window of my truck about a place where they made the movie Jungle book nearby. It was called Lost Creek. We had not planned to go to nature, but rather to see the new things in Sparta that day but it turned out to the the thing to do as it really lifted Pam to a new state. We were blown away by what we found and that is what we needed to feel. Even Byrd our dog was elated by the waterfall and tentatively excited about going down there. 

This is all leading to something here

Lost Creek Description

Lost Creek State Natural Area is a diverse area situated on the western flank of the Cumberland Plateau.  Its scenic highlight is the beautiful Lost Creek Falls in White County. Lost Creek Falls is geologically similar to its nearby cousin, Virgin Falls, in that the creek emerges from large spring, or collapsed cave on top, drops over the 40’ falls, and disappears underground again. On the opposite side of this large sink is the spectacular entrance to Lost Creek Cave. Because these Falls and Cave open into this large sink, or bowl, with no surface drainage, cold air is trapped in the hottest and most humid times of summer, essentially wicking the water from the humid air and coating the rocks and vegetation in the bottom of the bowl with moisture. This increased moisture helps to stimulate rich ferns, flowers, and liverworts in the bottom of the sink in the late Spring and Summer. The beauty of this area attracted the Walt Disney Corporation in 1994 to film several scenes from the “Jungle Book” at the area, utilizing both the beautiful Falls, and the Cave entrance. Lost Creek Cave is one of the larger caves in Tennessee, with five entrances (including the large one in the sink), and seven miles of mapped passages. It is a popular recreational cave. It is also home to several rare species, including the federally protected Indiana bat. Because of the population decline of cave dwelling bats, the cave is closed during the hibernation and swarming time of bats. Recreational access is allowed during other times of the year, but a no-cost permit must be obtained from the Nature Center at Fall Creek Falls. - See more at: http://www.tennessee.gov/environment/article/na-na-lost-creek#sthash.Qo1bxIQl.dpuf

I turned Byrd loose and he was so excited he ran back and forth between Pam who was sitting by the the waterfall and myself as I explored the paths. The videos reveal some of the energy of the falls. The power of the raging falls and the wind which was so BRISK (see synch with brisk) created a feeling for myself and Byrd of excitement and wonder as we walked toward the falls Byrd kept close and kept checking with me to see if it was safe. 

The movie "the fountain" came to mind as the falls felt like a fountain as the water disappeared in a hole of the rocks. There was a creek that was fed by another waterfall nearby that flowed right into the huge cave and became another waterfall INSIDE the cave. It was so remote that few people go there and there was only one other couple there but nowhere nearby. It was all so magical. 

Now what I am getting to is what I dreamed when we got home. I have had synchs about the fountain and how the water from the rock which we cling to is the flow from the SPIRIT. And as the experiences with SPIRIT grow in number and depth the water flow increases in the fountain and as it was written
whoever drinks the water (from SPIRIT) I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life."
Pam just reminded me of the Passion that was involved in this welling up as we experienced together over the years. The poetry of the water from the rock and the rock which we cling to for life was as the Children of Israel in the wilderness that were thristy (like Jackels) and Moses hit the rock and water came out so that they would not perish. The movie "The Fountain" could have been called the tree of life because the fountain of youth and the tree of life speak of the same eternal life (with) SPIRIT. This is the rock of my salvation upon which my life comes forth as the water which flows from above. (Jordan) As a child I was the top soloist in my school and was recorded singing "Fill my cup lord" Which in reality is what my life has become. Not according to the veil of interpretation given by those that hate me and never knew me as each of us have such people in our lives if we as we come to know SPIRIT as it is written "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. Remember what I told you: 'A servant is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. "
Here are some videos done by others about the falls
Here are some pics and videos from the day
Just the thought of YOU, makes my whole world Misty Blue
Inside the cave where the water from the falls goes under ground


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