Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hannity prediction coming true from two months prior

Hannity prediction on March 27th
Here is the Hannity story and let me add the intention of so many to love a lie over the truth for reasons of hate etc.

From now on Trump, Bannon and those like Hannity since they believe ideology is much greater than facts which may be true if you allow SPIRIT to give you your life but since they don't it is time that their ideology will now become a stumbling block since they love their interpretations more than they love those they serve. So no thanks to those blocking but a message of great hope is forming that we have diverted from what could have been total desolation and there is a growing hope.

Let it also be that those people and websites standing in the way or hearing these predictions of SPIRIT and not lifting up the SPIRIT for what they see will also follow suit in their reasons for doing so becoming a similar stumbling block revealing ever more their ignorance for loving their interpretation more than they love those needing this message of SPIRIT. And I forgot to post the name of Ann Coulter and Limbaugh also be added to the above list of those listed in the March 27th prediction.

Let me add that the synch coming true about the Coming Fire So hot it melts the veil separating You and I on this planet will leave those such as Hannity and all those loving these interpretations with NOWHERE LEFT TO HIDE.

Here is the prediction on propheciesonline about this on March 28th 2017

Several things to post related to this thread
More on the GOP Humiliation
How effective this could have been to help America come together if we could have reached past this forum,, Oh well

I also want to bring attention to propheciesonline.com because they do carry the predictions and did not hide them like previous sites did when predictions came true.

Turn toward the SPIRIT

If you are one of those from propheciesonline I dare you to post this on that site!!!!!!!!


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