Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stone will not be removed until I reach you, Humiliation for GOP will ever more increase

Today I want to say that the tears of joy that I have because of the life I have been given and I share which came from SPIRIT could not exist without having experienced the depths of despair that was in a relationship where I felt spitefully used. Like the experience with our family and the guy that used marriage to steal from us. Or like what is going on right now with this country and even this relationship with YOU and I, where the SPIRIT and many are colliding with their old beliefs. All these things when used by the SPIRIT lead to abundant life. 

We can dance! We can leave this world behind.

That said, I want to tell you that the person acting as president is being given power by the SPIRIT but thinks it is his own cleverness. He will continue to astound and even this present mortal wound will heal because this huge stone placed in the path will not leave until I reach you! (Says the SPIRIT) http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2016/10/trump-and-mortal-wound.html The messenger wants to go away and leave the struggle and leave you and the SPIRIT to go on because it is not about him in your world.

Some thoughts about what is happening
Trump did not drain the swamp, he made the swamp!
Dear White House aides: Save yourselves. Save us.

Added: Let this humiliation turn also into Putin's as Leaders Lead Astray
Oh, and let us throw in Kim Jong Un
All leaders out for themselves are gathered under the hat.


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