Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Queen synch and power, and the Eclipse

Odd Queen synch yesterday as we watched King Charles III on PBS and it was about her death and fantasies of power by the family, then we randomly listened to twit wit and it also mentioned Prince Charles waiting for the queen to die and William retired in order to let Prince Charles.... Where is the love in power?
So is the prediction coming true?
Public Servants more and more the criminals

 This Eclipse synch needs to be posted on propheciesonline
Eclipse synch
Firstcat's great American Eclipse

When your keeping up with that many lies you eventually loose it.

There is none right, no not one!

I cannot reiterate this enough neither side is right because they love a lie and an interpretation and the predictions show how they overlook the smallest of points which is the SPIRIT and because they hate the SPIRIT and love their intellect they will not even look at it.

The original intention of the heart through love allows both to exist and that love would make us fit together like a glove and a hand and cause us to move closer together. But if we let go of the presumption of self rightness our love will lead to what is really real that cannot be fathomed by those that believe a lie. Like two people that want to experience their own love it is not for others perhaps but the SPIRIT brings together the two that dream of each other, while those fearful of that kind of love would not be effected unless they draw it to them. But rather their fears and demands draw to them the fearful situation they believe possible. They should abandon their fears and seek only what they want and not pay attention to what they don't.



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