Monday, August 28, 2017

The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as President

The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as President

The prediction of Using Law and the Office of the President in a manner not intended by the Constitution.

The Prediction of barefaced lying to public officials

The reason that words could not reach you

The end of the presumption in America (The end result)

It is already done,, leave the Struggle

The Danger of Intentional Misunderstanding the SPIRIT

News is only what they want you to see
The predictions related to KatrinaIrene Predicted may 21st 2011, Presumption and Irene, Stockmarket CrashHousing Meltdown(link2), Coming Fire btw YOU and I predicted jan 2002, Trump Orange is coming predicted 2006Gop humiliation predicted first 2012 and many many more synchs if they were known would have changed everything because of what they are really saying. This is being posted here at this time because of who will be reading this as it is being relayed to many organizations beginning now.
Other http://www.stephentree.com/smalist.htmThe copy of the Japan prediction before the tsunami was copied to here as Oroborus.us intended to cover it up.
Edited to add: The predictions about Trump coming and the culture of it and how I knew


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