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Burning Down the House

Everything that is happening was dreamed in 1993 with SPIRIT. The power to reach "You" by using the intentions of another to break hearts, and even what is happening between "You and I" women and men, right and left, Islam and Christian, east and west,, there has always only been "You and I" and this Fire, burning so hot, will melt the veil separating "You and I" and everything will change. What is happening right now, will take a surprising turn. Both sides did not get it from SPIRIT and the SECRET intentions of the heart that must exist in order for their reality to get to this point will  be revealed. The Bitch is back! Burning Down the House, SPIRIT allows what is necessary to reach you to the heart! What seems obvious and what is used against a man is a lie,,, You never knew me. Get ready for the wild ride.

http://www.stephentree.com/fires.htm January 2002 the beginning of my passion to reach you!

Just days before the fires in southern California I sent this poem to all my family and posted it on the internet. Many in my family began to seek to understand the “True intent of my heart”
 The coming fire,,, so hot it will melt that veil between “you and I” on this planet and leave “her” with nowhere to hide Religion interpretation is a veil and not the “rightness” that comes from knowing the spirit The Coming Fire

Writing on my table 1993, the dream that carried me to California and wrote the stories that revealed all that is happening right now.


Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me.

Altar and Forms (StephenTree)

To understand Stephen Tree's Romance in Spirit you must understand the poetry behind each of the basic forms that came to Stephen during the time of bewilderness. These forms can be used to "get in the spirit" of Stephen Tree and also understand the system of poetry that DNA archetypes use to speak.
The table/altar- the altar itself is a form and has much meaning. As most of the forms that are placed on the table it represents heart. Poem :
What words does this table wish to speak? When four legs and a flat you be form dictates so much of thee This is what this table says to me. like, what is on my heart or, what is on my table. Like an altar from long ago, conveying the things my heart wishes to know. (Stephen Tree)
The Rose, or flower, and appletree, depict the heart in that through intention alone it draws what is on the heart/table to it as a rose draws a honeybee via the fragrance.
The heart is a rose and the fragrance can draw anything you want!!!!
As it was in the beginning, my love, when I was the honeybee, and you were my apple tree. For then it was the fragrance of your heart that drew me to you. Remember how we let the seaswells rise into the air, we let the mountains crumble, we did not care, whatever happened, I was your honeybee And you were my appletree. I was your prince, your wizard, your lion of Judah, Anything you wanted, I brought it to you! There has always only been You and I my love! (Stephen Tree)
The Cherry- A word that spirit would not let go of Fresh, new... you must empty the cup,, before you can fill it with something new. Also fun, joy. When getting into spirit, fresh like fruit on the vine was very important. Synchronicities always had a fresh element to them.
Let the moment give you everything you need, let your heart unfold as an appleseed, while on the fruit each moment you feed. (Stephen Tree)
The Box, again was as the heart but now likened unto the ark of the covenant containing the DNA which contained the Blood of billions. The experiences of all that came before me which is why it is said that Christ was slain from the foundation of the earth. For he is heart.
You came back to me my dream box, and it feels like the first time, like the spring time. Your more than a man or a woman, you are HEART, and I cannot help but love you. (Stephen Tree)
The cameo again is another aspect of heart/ dna. A layered cameo, remember in a cameo the form is in the outermost layer. Also cameos began to come to me when I was having synchronicities with Victory, and the name victoria. Victory riding his chariot was one of the first cameos created. It is a image of a love affair that goes back eons between spirit and form.. She and I.
She, my life, comes to me in many forms and it is like poetry, like synchronicity. And when he and she meet they KNOW it is right, they dance like waves on an ocean of romance. He builds a house from the ground up, she cleans it from the top down. When he and she meet they know it is right. (Stephen Tree)

Romance in Spirit Experiences,, Paul Steven Spence (StephenTree) .. . .---------------------------------------------- STEPHENTREE BLESSED IS SHE THAT NAILED ME TO THIS TREE . .---------------------------------------------- Each night... alone.. I light candles and incense on a poetry writing table...altar.... And experience.. what I call romance in spirit,,, In my loneliness,, in my bewilderness.,, through my broken heart she (spirit) comes. . . .__________________________________________________ . . Let the flicker grow into the great fire of love Eenie Meenie Meinie Moe, I call the four from long ago fire, water, air, earth Wave, water elemental Form and Ritual Fire, water, earth and air, I call you here from everywhere come my love, fill my desire make my dream grow as a raging fire to reorder my life Fragrance of the heart,,, air elemental Example intent: I feel a huge wave come and sweep me off my feet as a knight lifts a princess and takes her to her dream. Again, I see as the spirit coming with white rament to clothe me. I have a place in my heart and home set apart,, to place all the pieces that remind me of my greatest intention. Sanctuary. Form And Ritual Intentions by form .. glyphs Broad Intentions,, they encompass the whole of an intent. ------------------------------------------------------- Return to yourself all I know is it is a matter of time She is like a rainbow, she comes in colors everywhere I'm in the mood.. brace yourself as the beat hits you. Can't live if living is without (YOU) Strait up .. rapture from sheol the sunrise.. peeking through the window is inviting he and she meet + + faith + Man + women wrong + right ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + grounded + + In synchronistic word + + + + + All we all is all we are ^ ^ experience Faith action usually does not appear right as to the interpretation of letter, law, But, the fruit of the intention "feels right" _________________________________________________________________________ may 8, 1994 Confidence blooms like a flower ,, waiting for your love. U U U U U U Uuu nion, like the layers of an onion hearts, unfold like flowers before him. ______________________________________________________________________ You are only ( ) I am the words that are in your mouth and heart I am "You and I" together Just one key will unlock this door I am just waiting on my friend........................... Your my addiction the power of trust URGENT! Oh the glory Let the good times roll... (partying in Romance in Spirit) Confidence blooms like a flower waiting for your love We have two tickets to paradise. DANCE BOY! Feel Like a Filiment!!!!!! _____________________________________________________ Do you believe in Magic? Then she said,, "I will not betray your trust in me" Come on big wave Rapture!!!Speedy ressurectiont o glory ________________________________________________________ Huge! Reordering wave,, come rescue me I treasure your love... When you really really need it the most is when Rock and Roll dreams come true. ____________________________________________________________ Glorify the tree with YOUR fruit what is meant to be finds a way you can't call it life standing outside the fire I am a tube,, spewing fire I feel lucky today __________________________________________________________ Love,, the strenth to try once more Fruit of life We're in the love together and like fruit on the vine it gets sweeter all the time Do ya feel like NEW! New way of life YOU AND I will share a "springtime" of our love, that will be talked about for generations and endure many lives. ( ) of relationship Getting past the door "key,, springtime newness" Don't hesitate Spirit you want to fill my every need _____________________________________________________________ Patricia Telesco.. help publish me ------------------------------------------------------------ Don't hesitate,, cause your love won't wait I want more, more will you be there in the morning you are my addiction my coffee my drug __________________________________________________________ Listen to the tide slowly turning ,, listen to the ashes burning A door A passionate burning cross Shake the tree (dna) Shiver me timbers captain The virgins and their lamps waiting , drawing the fragrance of the heart,, the veil You misconscrued my IN TENT Let it roll!!! do ya feel the power Fullness (passionate,burning,cross, mobile,fullness) Wait upon the dream, then, when he and she meet,, it's right. The answer to my most burning business question She,, the partner, helper.. workers of a company. The bitch is back,, bad to the bone Burning down the house, (house of isreal, house of america) 

(Interject here this synch related to this intent http://www.stephentree.com/watchman/)

_____________________________________________________________ Cool Running,,, the whole race is in the pushoff baby,,, Handle,, cb,, pushstart Momentum,,, in the moment 8 seconds stand by your dream Increase,,, spring me off ________________________________________ This is what it feels like for a shallow mind to go off the deep end It does not matter where you have been as long as it was deep. Is it you, Is it me, Is it magic It's ten minutes after ten 1010 go boy,,, lets make it to the show tonight. Cinderella, your (s....) about to learn the power of your love. ___________________________________________________ hold your head up high moses kept his hands up keep the door open feel the fullness bust through baby got to have you ,,, feel the magic when I hold you let the good times Rollllllll! ___________________________________________ Hearts unfold like flowers before him March 14, 1994 The feeling the magic is just starting happily lost What to do rise up sleeping beauty give me a book (to write) The new "Return of the Native" the apathy of Venn The Wizards love story (sanctify a book box) (program joyfull) A promise she won't take back,, I want to be loved like that All things (and ideas) are first sanctified and then laid before him. To my three children.. (thinking of you) All for one, and one for all. My lord,,, she said,, and he said,, "and you mine" let me feel the power of your wave. Oh,, have ( )she and I are lost in ourselves ________________________________________________________ Baby Raine healing If you ask for bread, will a hand you a stone So close yet so far,, the dream that brings us together is the same dream that tore us apart. Back to the garden. ___________________________________________________________ Lay your hands on me Fertility $$$$ yea bread,, breadbasket Crave me girl (spirit) Like a virgin, touched for the first time done and complete it feels like the springtime shaken the sugartree My sparks create a raging fire of love A young housemaid (spirit) came in to light the fire the time to hesitate is through,, come on baby light my fire Fill me up.. over flowing loving cup.. spirit Strength,, fertility,, fill me up love I leave it empty.. that you might fill it.. fill the emptyness our passion is rising. ( I want winning tickets) He knows I am the messenger of love. All glory to the one eternal life we live his present ____________________________________________ Our love is poetry in motion we don't care what they say,, we don't care what they do,, what do they know about this love anyway. take it as it comes girl, it is all coming back around We are strong girl, none can tell us we are wrong __________________________________________________________ At the party... (alone in my home.with the spirits) I was doing ok until the asked about you (former physical friend) Like coffee needs a cup.. spirit and form,,, you and I Louisiana saturday night(the feeling) let that pony ride. I was Fricked, frickin out On the cb radio.. I heard some young people giggle.. I picked up the mike to make a funny.. "if you have to giggle,,, DO IT QUIETLY .. (note to be pissed when I say it like I really meant it. hehe I think he is possessed myself.. (said a nearby spirit in his head) Cowboy,, you ready for the ride of your life. Preacher,,, I was born to love you. Party,, break hearts.. it is a good circumcision _______________________________________________ painful.. disturbed feeling. come to my window.. I will be home soon broken by the dawn circuit training,, endurance,,, riding the wave Tammy ... let's be friends again _______________________________________________ Face to face,, do you remember when my little brown eyed girl under the water fall,, you and I girl... Creme my box $$$$$$$$$$$ ________________________________________________________ fullness that fills the emptyness _________________________________________________ She will seek me out wanting to be loved my sticker book of fantastic sayings Remember the power of intent when putting the candle in (about having intention about making the candle act in a way,, at night alone by the altar.. ) __________________________________________________ the feeling on the other side of the door.. that is just love sneaking up on you.. (transmute fears) leave the tender moment alone.. let the picture paint itself there is a prophet in milton. Sudden change of heart You got to put on that party dress You and I,, as one society,, not forced as the unions that exist forcing what comes natural. Super frigging fertile Rituals that create intention For your eyes only, you are my body.. wife,, life. all of you protect her honor If loving you is right,, I can't go wrong ____________________________________________________ Lewis Spence,, writer,, and I (dream) riding on a victorian monorail train that mysteriously appeared in a shopping center parking lot Left brain overload,, right brain experience Image and feeling to create rapture,,(quick accention to glory) No doubts,no fears, just like when your here look god(heart) no hands FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!! __________________________________________________ I'm gonna rock this town for you Well maybe you will slow down when your turn to hurt comes around I am a needle injected within her (life, town, world) world Cinderella,, does the shoe fit now.. _______________________________________________ Just a flower,, can syncronise things.... count your blessings Don't ever look at yourself like they look at you.. look at yourself like I look at you.. like through a spottless veil. I only see your beauty. Even when she falls.. he makes her right. confidence leads to the doors in the moment. ___________________________________________________ And their dance is unrehearsed country 3 songs.. turn the tables,, luck be the lady It's payback time MORE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready for my love,,, my love is ready for you Let's turn this world around.. overflowing loving cup Like an old fashioned love song Work.. feel good... solution is in the problem ______________________________________________________ Love is fertility that another dimention fits so perfectly like the hand and the glove Shaking her tree of seven branches.. manora Only the beginning Without love..(she,spirit) where would you be now Intent,,, allow _______________________________________________- Get ready baby cause here I come flow ingredients,, make it work smooth ____________________________________________ without a noise.. without my pride... I reach out from the inside Are you ready for the ride of yourlife We are ready to shake your tree like it has never been shook before Re .. fresh... ment plastic pitcher plastic shovel? If you loose the beat you loose the Rythum Right now is your tommorrow.. turn this thing around.. fullfillment comes from the expression of our creativity _____________________________________________________ Meet me there today love. synchronicity turn up the heat _____________________________ I will take you where you want to go shower me with your love, shower me with the love I have been waiting for... that's what friends are for The rythum of the falling Raine (daughter's name)

So where are we headed with all this. I wanted to reach you to the heart about what I had found. Instead of seeking a mate, I found YOU/SPIRIT/SHE   She is my life! in the same way the bridegroom was always meant to be Christ/Life/SPIRIT,,, the Bride also is she/life.

Notes last night

The start of a real marriage, After passion has broken your heart and reached you, taken root in you, you find that magic of dreaming of her/him and drawing YOU/SPIRIT in the form of a lover/friend or even many as you learn from SPIRIT that there has always only been YOU and I.  Like the law of attraction. It is different for everyone according to your faith. The SPIRIT knows what you are capable of believing and the law of the LORD is what the SPIRIT allows you because of that belief. To look at the flesh, each other's person is death and shame and blame. We should never have been taught shame or blame.

You don't know the true intentions of the heart of those you blame, Therefore, what you have been taught about blame and shame and what you say about others is unto you. Your punishment which will reach you to the heart, because you wanted to punish them and you did it without SPIRIT but rather with interpretations you loved more than you loved them.


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