Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Edgar, SPIRIT and You.

With the SPIRIT I was able to let go of the dance with the snake,  and go to where YOU/ SPIRIT were, which was where everything was perfect and possible. Tonight I was taken by the SPIRIT back to the time alone where a statue of Edgar Poe was on my shelves due to a wonderful day of synchronicity with the man.
   Tonight was such a night, I left where love was not and joined YOU in a great dream we had often shared.
   Turn out it was also related to a friend that I could not fathom his fascination with Cemeteries.  But we began to watch Edgar Allan Poe .. Buried Alive and the synch came back in wonderful succession as oft they do with those in love. For it was then I learned from the SPIRIT that "my friend" indeed had been as one I had sought to reach, and we were having an experience together tonight that the SPIRIT orchestrated.
    (In the same manner I had dreamed of reaching you, even my own, such as my daughter.)

I will copy somehow the synch we had together tonight.

With Jonathan he had a fascination with Cemeteries and with the raven, but there also was a girl in there somewhere.

This is how the SPIRIT chose to join the two who were friends.

Tree.. Had my first synch tonight where You and I converge

J:...You and I Paul and Johnathan?

Tree....And so, being young and dipt in folly

I fell in love with melancholy,
And used to throw my earthly rest
And quiet all away in jest —
I could not love except where Death
Was mingling his with Beauty’s breath —
Poem by Poe

J: that is like the Cemetery

Ok, I will break here in the conversation on messenger with Johnathan and say I just realised that Johnathan wanted such an experience as Pam had where he shared the romance with SPIRIT. And I feel what is happening tonight is the SPIRIT acknowledging even the prayer of my friend.

Tree:... Yes


Tree... (I felt these words to write) Read it again and again until he Poe Nay poe-t  through you to say.

J:.... The second synch with Poe, the first was on the 1st.

Tree... That was how I spent many nights alone

J:... With the Raven and I had read this poem before as well. I have spent time that way. I am unsure how it would work right now,,, Christmas is Coming

Tree...Oh, have you searched  Google Christmas Dnatree... Might be a gift there

J:... I spent last year there, but I was sad

J.... No I haven't

Tree...Like I experience it was total romance with SPIRIT. Turns out people thinking with me, I have been thinking of them too.

        This is part of the synch with SPIRIT tonight for me.

J: Cool
   Oh neat!

J:...Which Christmas post
      And the synch tonight is about the cemetery
      (because of Poe)
Tree.... The ones where I talked about Christmas and how much I loved the SPIRIT through that story
             Not the money parts (for at the time of dreaming of Poe I was poor) I would go Shopping and it seemed as though the SPIRIT spoke through Christmas, the stories. It was wonderful, like the SPIRIT through Jesus at that moment was Santa (Love.)

.J:....Oh yes, the polar express? I am reading this one, I feel as though I know it already.

Tree... Cool I was unaware of this synch w You prior. But the SPIRIT has known from even before we met I am to understand

J:...Yes, the Spirit has written already what I am writing now, and what I think I'm gong to write about 10 years from now has been written for an eternity.

J...And though I am truly writing my story, it's still already written.

Tree,.. Great Romance with SPIRIT for me (mutual) with You and SPIRIT.

J: And Yes, in the SPIRIT we understand this, and it is the only way to understand

Tree... (I am to write) (Yes) The SPIRIT just said (what I wrote above)

J:... I am that I am

J:...I like that , the Spirit for me the Spirit

Tree...They are talking about the Raven now on this program
Pic of Poe with Candle

Tree...Poe, What it means to grieve

j.. Cool!

Tree... (I am thinking about) My poem through my broken heart YOU came

Our association too.

That is how I asked SPIRIT to reach everyone (or You) I wanted to bring the SPIRIT through me also, This was a mutual intent with SPIRIT (Mutual intent with Humans across time)

J:.. You know all this time I felt like my life was a romance novel with poetry written like the bible as a book of prophecies and guidance inspired by the SPIRIT.
        With a lighthouse and a cemetery, a fairy tale starting with, In the beginning there was darkness and ending with, and they slept in joy and peace forever after, eternally as one in ever lasting rest.

        For a while now I have not given it much thought, as it was not building layers, But I know that it is the truth. I have writer's block!

Tree...Yes, perfect romance with SPIRIT was mine
           But I had an Edgar Allan Poe statue that was related to myself that I placed on my table and dreamed the spirits as all SPIRITS are one with the great SPIRIT.

j:... That is cool!

Tree... It was like YOU/SPIRIT were comprised of "all who went before us" so reaching for the SPIRIT was made perfect. I loved an aspect of the spirit of Poe and it was one of my many favorite things.  link

Ok that is enough for this post


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