Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Anger and the tables are turning

So I have been very angry and giving the anger to the SPIRIT after so many years of manipulation when my message had only to do with putting the SPIRIT above our interpretations/idols. And so nobody knows why all the thing are happening though they were all predicted. By giving it to the SPIRIT we find that love is better than a bullet even toward our enemies. Let the SPIRIT turn the tables on those who's true intent is not love toward SPIRIT and men. But I gave the anger to SPIRIT, and they will do it to themselves.

Coming GOP humiliation and Orange is Coming - Prophecies Online

The coming knowing reveals what is really hidden behind the hate of those on both sides of every equation.

Learning from SPIRIT might enclude for you to 
  • Keep doing what your doing
  • Seek the SPIRIT with all your heart
  • Let go of the interpretations that fill the cup and become empty
  • Grow in the SPIRIT
With the SPIRIT all things are possible and we must grow in the knowledge of SPIRIT and let go of the partial which is the interpretation without SPIRIT. Everyone that blames others is putting their own sin on another. But if you let their own shame and blame draw to them what they judge for you because truly a man that follows the SPIRIT is greater then all who worship an interpretation and do not take responsibility for what their secret heart draws to themselves.

Once you find SPIRIT let go of all interpretation and let the SPIRIT grow according to your dreams. Every hand fits a glove and the SPIRIT brings together those destined for each other and their need not be the fearful demanding the two cannot be because they cannot understand.Love however starts from where you are and where your community is. Love them by letting the SPIRIT fulfill their norms, while fulfilling your life.

In a class of people when they join in solidarity to back a lie they all are to be included in the broken heart as they followed an interpretation/lie without the SPIRIT.

SPIRIT "Help me to Understand, I got so excited to share when I found the SPIRIT, what worked and fulfilled my life".

The intention of the heart is to find SPIRIT, I am only human as all humans I too am weak. YOU reached me AS I INTENDED. Intend to be reached before you are CRUSHED.

YOU SPIRIT make my life perfect, make what they misunderstand perfect. After all searching the heart they will find they MISUNDERSTAND ON PURPOSE in order to condemn, therefore, they condemn themselves. 

I belong somewhere I feel free and I could not reach you so I gave it to the SPIRIT as you said it was already done.

The agreed upon game between man and woman is where men allowed women as they wanted it to appear. It was for joy that men look upon a woman and the SPIRIT lifts them out of their complacency. But that game which is meant to work out all the problems between YOU and I on this planet with the SPIRIT working through two lovers, this game was turned into something used by those without true intent. The SPIRIT was removed and therefore a man will always be blamed even when their is a lie hidden in the heart of the accuser. They take love and make it worse than murder because there is no due process they reject the SPIRIT because their interpretation puts all their sin on the son of man and they reject that their hidden intentions are what creates what they get.


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