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The Virtues of Snuff
Because of how much Pam and I loved the fresh places along the coast of California we began to binge today on the English coast house series on Netflix. In one of the sets a man had a book on his bookshelf in one of these English Coast Houses by the name of the "Virtues of Snuff". I thought about what that could have meant but did not follow up on it other than to write it on my pad I was writing synchs on as I had a "familiar feeling". I had also wrote "for some when seen from their own experience I imagine there could be a very many Virtues of Snuff. I thought about those who want to smoke pot and those that had felt passion related to lovers who were the same sex and how my life told me to see the virtues of their love and not JUDGE them as those who see love and do not judge are not judged themselves for many thing that others would because of their own self rightness believe they can judge in order to make themselves feel better. But without the SPIRIT to make a thing right for you how can one judge rightly without the SPIRIT as all the synch revealed they interpret and judge and they were always wrong as the synchs revealed. Don't you see, you were caught in a net meant to break your heart to know the SPIRIT. But those judging while hiding the true intentions of the heart these are like the harlot wife who never loved but puts on a great play.

Back to Snuff

So then somehow I got into looking at how surprisingly nature recovered from Mt. St. Helens eruption and I went looking for this for some reason and what I found was the word snuff again where so many plants and animals were snuffed out in the path of the volcano. When I saw the strange word again today I decided to look up the actual word.

  1. extinguish (a candle).

    "a breeze snuffed out the candle"

    synonyms:extinguish, put out, dousesmotherchoke, blow out, quench, stub out
    "snuff the candles before you leave"
  1. 1.
    the charred part of a candle wick.
Well then I started to think about what I had been thinking of earlier in Sanctuary with SPIRIT about the little box heater for a swinging Tennessee style porch swing in a box that was heated that allowed more feel of the envirement and sounds of the creek which was inspired by a creative glass home swing like on that same British Show. I thought about mine having a dutch door idea with two post to anchor while stepping up into it. But anyway the candle thing I designed also on the paper today where I thought about wooden sticks infused with wax to help them burn. A lower one feeding two above it feeding four above it in order to create a good size flame for a short period using these special sticks and then have air pushed into a vent in the box that was heated in this way so that spending time with nature in our DEEP in the Holler home.

Back to Mt. St. Helen's. I then looked up Mt. St. Helen's and found where just today a report about it acting up again which because of the synch may be saying something however a third synch would probably further reveal meaning related to this synch.

Other synchs during my time open with SPIRIT

Steven "Enacted even to the Fragrance"his dreams with the Architect of Beauty and Synergy
Things that are eternal grow like a tree, like the eternal word of the SPIRIT.

To Mueller
The Dated predictions of Donald Trump and what they say about his true intentions of heart as well as the predictions of this coming fire/storm between beings and relationships of YOU and I such as men and women, east and west, Democrat and Republican, North Korea and the West, The predictions of Anger growing, and of Passion Growing and the energy of the microcosm of the forums over the years and how the poetry of trains and landslides and storms and fires related to how this reality was created and how it was not to end until I reached You.You must take what seems impossible here seriously as if You are not reached then Desolation was predicted before all this started in that the individual is drawing such an event.

Remember to write it down while the SPIRIT is near

You may not understand how a father can do this but look at your own beliefs and you will find you believe exactly that the father has the power over his family's lives more than you want him to know.

I am not eloquent but I was not intending to teach love as love is different between lover and beloved for each

I WAS excited about the realization "especially since I came up through Christianity" it was not to teach these things but the realization of the SPIRIT in one's life. Putting the beliefs of a child in Christ behind you so that you are open to what takes the place of the partial which is the manifestation of the SPIRIT in your experience.

It was your interaction with the synchs that created what it all turned into and without You it could have gone a much more wonderful way. In the same way you ruined your own life and need not blame anyone else.


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