Thursday, March 08, 2018

Joy, March, Pruning

I need the words to express the joy Pam and I shared last night with SPIRIT in sanctuary.  I did not want to leave California but I knew I needed to because I asked my life for the change in order to jolt me out of growing patterns. I also needed more exercise and I certainly got it in Tennessee. Like Pam and I our other relationships are deeper in Tennessee though there are also more people that are veiled by their ideologies here. I have never lived in a town where everyone seems to have read the same playbook. We are getting older and Pam was traumatized at first coming here because of  how she was treated by people. We know the time in silence and sanctuary really helps Pam with her fears of MS and the almost 20 yrs of jolting into joy that took her whole attention and being allowed her to stay off the medicines for many years but here in Tennessee they do not allow her to use the cannabis that helped her leave the thoughts that were damaging but the SPIRIT is helping her to do this through the memory of joy. They have replaced that with the drugs they give MS patients and she seems to be doing better than she was for the first couple years in Tennessee. Waiting on the SPIRIT to give us what is needed to help her in this environment. One thing last night was this, I saw a woman with a childhood trauma that created an illness. Because of her true intention and love toward SPIRIT she saw that it was a gift and the JOLT that grows to heal, it is equally wonderful and shame free.  WONDER-ful and SHAME FREE like the door to the SPIRIT is.😂

The Truth about what Two people and the SPIRIT can create vs the Hell that those without true intent create and the pruning of the tree.
The March Miracle and the synchs in March
White Stone Hidden Manna

I will edit this post to add all the links to the synchs which predicted some of these things.

The coming Storm and Stormy Daniels and how the smallest of points overlooked by those that manipulate and lie to cover their shame and use their power in a manner it was not intended. The woman on his head and the idea of money and the place of the whore of Babylon.


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