Sunday, April 01, 2018

Healing, love, Passover

The moment the SPIRIT chose through me for my body to experience "taking on Pam's ailment," as she seemed to be fading fast to the edge, I knew it was not something I would be doing but rather allow YOU/SPIRIT to do through me, Immediately Pam began to lose the fear again and come back and I began to experience headaches whenever I began to think and not just allow thoughts to flow over me, It was during this time that we had the synch with the gut being 80% of the immune system. This feeling seemed to increase over the week before Easter and Passover. The storm I had spoken of seemed to be in my body. I knew that YOU had taken much of the fear from me of such "on the edge" experiences and that it was not something I was going to DO, but something I was to "allow". In the days leading up to Passover my headaches increased while Pam became more and more vibrant. I thanked SPIRIT for this as I did not want to see this person that I loved in pain and I knew that YOU were in charge and I was learning about healing though love. I also knew that through Pam I related to the world and even those that intentionally misunderstood me and had wanted to hurt me. I too, wanted them to go away as well as it was a very painful situation. By loving Pam I was loving "this life" and all who were in it. I knew to ALLOW and go with what the SPIRIT had shown me many times before in order to DO what cannot be done by flesh and blood. I realized that the mechanism that would do this is "the word of GOD which was in my heart and in my mouth" it was the understanding (deep waters) that was the ALIVE WORD OF GOD working in me. This is like the cameo of many experiences with the WORD of the SPIRIT through synchronicity with YOU. This cameo layered over time to become a deep chasm of love. For the word you seek is very near, even in your mouth and in your heart and you don't need a teacher.

The headaches became more and more intense as I wrote the synchs over the days last week with spiritual manna and what the world/donkeys were fed. That my attention/love/worship of SPIRIT as I had seen working through such as Jesus was the way the truth and the life and not the person/beast that men worship as Jesus but the SPIRIT that spoke through "such as him". In this manner all who worship interpretation are caught in a net by the SPIRIT. On Passover, Pam and I went to sit and enjoy the afternoon at Crawdaddy's and I chose something different to try. The Shrimp Bisque soup. I had no idea that my already weakened body was going to experience that night but I felt I was supposed to eat this. Something was strange as the waitress seemed to know something about it and even told me she would give me a second bowl and it would be "our little secret". It tasted good but the lack of sleep brought on by the headaches and checking on Pam during the night was going to be aggravated by what felt like food poisoning. Wow, this was a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE as I had not felt this bad since I was taught by SPIRIT about the cold and hot compresses and the perfection of the SPIRIT's use of them to heal the flu many years before. The LOVE of the SPIRIT and not my own working through me I saw that this which I allowed because of my love for Pam was also toward even my enemies which in my anger and hurt I had wanted them to be removed from me. I realized from past experience with YOU working through me that YOU were saying this was toward all men and women and this is how LOVE covers a multitude of sins/misunderstandings. It is not making mistakes that the message of SPIRIT through Jesus was speaking or as those hiding their own shame want to use against others often intentionally misunderstanding for profit but this love of SPIRIT working through you that fulfills all scribbling by scribes and cannot be understood by the intellect but only through real experience with SPIRIT.

I had looked for where I had written this story before on the internet many times but the many times that the information had been destroyed by those closing forums for one reason or another made finding it impossible but I believe I did speak of it in a 1997 recording which is on the net. But I will quickly explain how the SPIRIT operated through my moments to heal me from the flu back in Navarre beach Florida. Basically I had a terrible flu back then and I let SPIRIT lead me to where I would feel better. I was taken to the beach by the SPIRIT and of all things the synch in the moment said to go out in the water which that time of year was very cold. At the time I did not care if I lived or died after the trauma of being manipulated and lied about back then so I went out in the waves. I was shivering uncontrollably as I left the waves and saw down the beach a bonfire that a group was gathered around. They had taken a jet fuselage and allowed the bonfire to pass up through it and it was glowing every color of HOT! I went close to warm up and noticed the closer I got the more the flu symptoms in my skin and eyes left though they said I was too close I did not care and began to rotate because the front felt good but my back still felt achy. Soon I was dry and my eyes felt almost boiling but I was symptom free and walked away feeling great! I noticed the the SPIRIT said what the problem was by taking me into the problem/cold water and my body was focused on that feeling and near death experience when I was taken the other direction by the heat. Somehow, the food poisoning actually got all my layers focused and then something happened inside related to the gut that caused the headaches and the stomach ailment to be corrected. I would not DO this, but allowing the word of SPIRIT to work in me I was directed or my body was to adjust. Now this is a healing experience that my life brought me but each person according to their experience with SPIRIT would be like a different creature. For the electric eel developed it's covenant with SPIRIT different than the starfish which is able to regenerate itself through the SPIRIT that is life. The idea is to keep your attention/love on the SPIRIT because YOU ARE ABLE through the wind of SPIRIT propelling us to do what we do in our lives which to others may seem odd but the SPIRIT indeed works in mysterious ways.

I look forward to seeing how this energy of the SPIRIT plays out in the lives of all those effected.

But here are some of the references that I will be adding related to healing

The Wave and the Worry 

The audio of the Hot and Cold compresses
23:20 The Word is alive a seed growing


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