Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday March 19th 2017

Had a synch with MIB ( Men_in_Black_3) last night. The night before I had this strange headache which I have not had a headache for many years but I felt that night that it was something happening across time. So last night we decided to have fun by watching MIB III and it was about the headache and chocolate milk and across time. It also had the “gotta have pie” synch also which was very much one of my own ways of jolting into joy. LOL So don't hand me anything less than PIE as the SPIRIT is above anything that is not joy.

It also had very much the synchs with time and particle physics (Mairin's synchs) which led me to think about someone on this board glad to see you posted again this morning.

Quote from MIB

A Miracle is something that is impossible
But happens anyway

The SPIRIT through my experience is always ready to receive you back and give it another chance if there is a hint of true intent, just because I do not post a reply does not mean I don't see you I just wait on the SPIRIT and if I don't get the words I don't reply. So, who is Shelley anyway? We need to discontinue the 20yrs of manipulating traps especially the woman as I have the posts from 20yrs that show one manipulation after another. I think it is that way that we come to trust one who loves you of the opposite sex but both sexes are hesitant because of the layers of games that have evolved.  Everyone can be ruined by presumption but what is now at stake is desolation as the synchs have made it clear. You too can start over and begin to lift up the SPIRIT and reach others with this message. Where is your love for each other, when you try to prove the SPIRIT wrong you only end up revealing your own heart as has been shown over and over.  You don't want to be the one caught by SPIRIT in the end because you love your interpretation more than you love others. You want to be part of spreading something because "YOU are able SPIRIT".  Every single person can be destroyed by appearances and the gossip of Americans that are trying to cover their own pain so if you have an issue work it out with GOD if you have the humility towards life that it takes.

Mib quote
It’s like with anything—you have to strap yourself in and hope for the best.”

Both sides are going to need atonement (Through the SPIRIT) as there are none right and this is what the SPIRIT is about revealing the heart so that we let go of the veil of interpretation separating us. Were going to let the SPIRIT do this. 

Then there is those hiding behind a veil of interpretation just like what happened with Trump and Fox news they call you fake and the SPIRIT reveals they are and that they are hiding behind their veil of interpretation and bull such as from Hannity, Limbaugh, and foxy tricks/news. That is what the coming/present fire is revealing.


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