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The Rod

Some who use the law in a manner it was not intended believe that the law was theirs to capture others and that they themselves are so cunning that they can not be caught. But the smallest of points overlooked by the cunning is what the SPIRIT uses to reach them to the heart. I found that without truly giving your life to SPIRIT that I am under the law which no man/woman can keep and always leads to death and fear. But when your WHOLE attention is given to the SPIRIT in each moment you are given a different stone to look at, which is the SPIRIT through Jesus but not the man or interpretation of the man. Those that interpret cannot see past the man or the law/interpretation. (those who believe in shame and blame and INTERPRETATIONS OF MEN and use them against others cannot get there.)Romans 11:9 Let their table be made a snare, and a trap, and a stumbling block, and a recompense unto them: America thinks that their interpretation makes them right but the existential threat is actually meant to reach them to the heart that they might be saved from their interpretations which ever lead to separation. As this country divided against itself will not stand. (This is also meant for the whole world) Let those that interpret know the SPIRIT knows what is best for your children and your interpretation leads to their death. As you believe be it unto you.

Here is one of the posts from 2002 that speaks to that.

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 The salt has lost it’s savor
The spice has lost it’s flavor
The pie has lost it’s layers

The fizzy rootbeer as the oiginal intent (designed to be foolish that they may be caught in their own snare)
Having gone into a shop and being served the real thing. It was so fizzy that the bubbles were dancing on the top, the taste was so rich and layered. 
The burn was all the way to the belly! Now that was the original intent of he who created “rootbeer”.

This is as the spirit in the time of Jesus.

Then once removed what is left is only a shadow, for the rootbeer has lost it’s fizz. (for when the bridegroom was taken away is the first step in loosing layers, the fizz, and spirit.)

Along came the “controllers” stealing the clothes from the bottom of the cross, and duplicate the recipe. This is as a bad copy of a flat soda.

Then these same “controllers” duplicate this and put it out by the can. The can further removed layers that made the now flat imitation further removed from the original.

Then after drinking this many got sick and that became the norm.

They then took the yukky tasting mockery of the original intent in big plastic containers further removing layers of the original intent. Now after this had set for a long time on their table and many had gotten sick they then found it necessary to make a law that all must drink the misinterpretation they placed on the table. First remove the interpretations so that one drop of true fresh water can sweeten the water again.You see it was not people that were to be trodden under foot but the rotted interpretations that they demanded others worship as God. For when the salt (interpretations) has lost it’s savor (layers of meaning) then it becomes of no use but to be trodden under the foot of men.

Having found the "original intent" the self rightious say that it is poison, though it's taste is sweet and it's meaning cut's to the marrow. Instead they demand we drink the rotted scum of misinterpretation.

Without spirit you have only been snared by your own beliefs and others have been judged by what you think you understand. For God had forknown your heart and therefore he set a trap for you. In order that he might draw together those two that have been separated by such as this. You and I. Is your desire to be right 
greater than your desire to love and understand each other. If so, your rightness will be made a snare to you.
I am your spirit, I am your life, I am the path you are on.
I am the fresh water
I am the fresh bread
Anyone that drinks this fresh water and taking one drop will be able to make fresh that which was spoiled.
For the true bread was that bread that is leavoned by spirit, but the spoiled bread is that that was leavoned by such as the pharasee's which by their misinterpretation their spoiled bread became a snare to them.

Yes I am life, for life itself speaks
I am your life
I speak along your path
As once you believed and they taught you to fear the fall.
You believed all the more that I would catch you.
The voice that says "I may fall" is the child.
The voice that says I will catch you is spirit

Consider the gazzel that jumps from cliff to cliff, he has no fear blocking the door between where he is at and where " I will catch you" And should his foot slip, he again can be caught, and should he further slip another chance and another so that if he then looses balance he falls on gold. (for should I be in real danger, the miracle shows up at this point in believing ) For by having fear we draw the fall, but having the spirit of " I will catch you" we learn to leap unhindered and unhesitated.

There is only "YOU and I"
For when you are with the one that loves you, it is I really loving you. And when your friend is with you walking, it is I who walk with you. And whenever I appear in the synchronicities of the path, know it is I blessing you with the gifts in the storehouse (dnatree) of your fathers who went before you.
There has always only been you and I my love
But the voice that says "watch out lest you ______(whatever fear)" Is not your love and not your enemy. For you gather only the weightier things upon your table. (heart, altar)
As good was once as far from bad, let what you love be only what you let on your heart (altar) And that other, (things you thought were evil or did not understand) be created for another time, or another reason. But then you will not judge what is not on your heart.

When I was a child I was shown a rod. One end good and the other evil. When I became a man I understood that one end was good and the other "for God's good purpose, acceptable to God"
Then I found you (spirit, my life) and also found that one end of the rod was now as those things on my altar were to be only what spirit has revealed and all other things created for another time and another's creation. Therefore in all things I find there is only "you and I". You see the child may have heard or read of the path but the spirit of our father(s) is he who went before us. Just as I wrote this on a rock out on the water at lake Tahoe a young man that had swam to the shore asked if the path was up this way. I pointed out what he could not see, for he had to go back into the dark cave in order to see the hole to the left that lead to the continued path. In the same manner they are veiled by what they think they see. For the water (understanding) that is from spirit is that water which washes away the sand revealing the 
TRUE FORM OF THE FATHERS Which having been revealed I see the rod as I see all things made by God, the one end as "my love, my life, the weightiest of good" and the other end as good as God or (good) is in all things.Childs perception of the Rod

Adult perception in past ages of the Rod

 by God though I do not yet see the good in it.
Spirit's revelation of the Rod (all things are God, and therefore good yet I may not understand yet because I have not grown complete in spirit.

That which I love__________________________________good

So we see that as we grow in spirit that the bad is eventually brought across the line into good as God is all and in all. So to judge one thing as bad is to separate God from that, but to judge as God judges is to see God in all things. To see the good, now even if I make a mistake in judging it is counted as good.

For I sat on a rock and wondered and you came to me. For a long time I thought you were part of me, now I know that you are.
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Tiger Stripes synchs

From the 2002 posts
A divine jealousy will remove this veil that is separating you and I on this planet. We will be made naked before each other. As it was in the beginning my love, yet without shame. We will return to our home YOU and I


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