Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Flowers and Paradise

Pam and Flowers and Paradise 

When she my life was at the door and my heart was broken, at that time I was being setup over and over and my mind could not conceive of how to protect myself from what this person had obviously thought for a very long time to make happen. Being overwhelmed my mind had to die and I had to become completely open to synchronicity in the moment and as I walked along the road wanting to figure out how to speak during the many court battles that I had been setup on I was told to let my brain die and let the power of the SPIRIT take over. It was then that the flowers along the side of the road began to speak to me. Like the rose in the parking lot that led to the fragrance of the heart a deeper knowing came over me. Pam is at this point where her brain only leads to confusion if she tries to think too much but the SPIRIT is teaching her how to let the brain die and let the SPIRIT lead. A life of synchronicity with SPIRIT leads to a life in paradise. As when you die this is where you find yourself without a brain but that part of us that knows will remain.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017 

Queen synch and power, and the Eclipse (Coming Eclipse of the heart)


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